Life is not about how fast you can run, or how high you can climb. Although, cultivating such skills are required to know the Buddha of Intensity. Life is really about how well you can bounce. The highly skilled yogin possess strength, endurance, suppleness, and the mental control in order to maintain the rhythm of mind and body.

The contracted mind sees a ‘dead tree.’ The expansive mind sees a palatial birdhouse linked in divine rhythm with the wind, the rain, the plants, and the mind. The contracted mind sees the internet as a porn lounge of gossip, bickering, and lower chakra entertainment. The Wise Warrior, well trained in expansiveness, attempts to bring poetry and wisdom through a new and magical form of energy to benefit all Beings.

The wise Warrior knows that he is not a king. Not even close. Yet, in polishing his fearless, ropeless stance upon Earth, he knows also that even Kings bow before the Warrior. It is necessary to maintain the Warrior Wisdom for only the most highly skilled Warrior – one who does not specialize yet rather attempts to Master the unMasterable Limitless Capacity of the Human Body,Mind, and Spirit – develops a cadence of thought and action that brings melody to all humanity.

The flow of breath orchestrates our Fear and…our Love. When we lose our breath in the face of Fear, we lose our (in)Stance. When we lose our breath, we lose our rhythm in thought, and thus our action. When one person performs thoughtless action, it throws the very Divine Vibration (spanda) out of Her Highest sync. Thus arrives the de-evolution of humanity. The longer we go on making the same lower chakra choices, the misery of being Attached continues…whereas, the Noble Wholistic Warrior carries confidence in his or her every (in)Stance through sincerity of sweat, stillness, and development of spirit..thus,

rely upon a

the Highest Summit handholds
to help lead all Beings Higher
along their own

When we stop living our Lives for the opinions of others,
and focus upon the High Road upon which our Teachers teach…
we ourselves may be surprised at just how soon
we ourselves
are walking,
their same Radiant Road which travels ever onward,
ever upward,
endlessly inward.

ilg is just a personal trainer.
attempting to be go(o)d and helpful through his ‘profession’
regardless of ‘sacrifice’
for the only true sacrifice is
to sacrifice Selfless Service
for selfishness.

you, my Brave and Noble Warrior,
have found yourself again, reMembered with our Warrior Tribe,
like so many (life)times before…
our Tribal Chant and beating of feet
pierces the sloth of the modern conventions
like a Wolf’s howl recoiling for miles off snow covered peaks.

you, my Brave and Noble Warrior of Sweat and Stillness,
are needed
to do
and be
brave and noble as well
in that which you
Love to do.

ilg fails often.
chances are, you will too.
ilg lives with chronic, searing pain.
chances are, you will find your own version as well.
as much as ilg has come to know about ilg
it’s that he has the confidence in being able to Bounce Back
no matter what others may say,
no matter what others may do.
and that part of ilg?
ilg loves.
so much.

do the do
for you

on this most radiant day of all days;

Get the Shanti out.

om so ti,
your feeble mountain yogi


these photos were taken the day before yesterday by snowboard videographer Bill Galen at our neighborhood bouldering area near the Rio de Flag. ilg does not suggest unroped climbing for most 45 year old daddies. ilg has been doing this type of stuff for a long time. do not hurt yourself.

photo of snag by ilg, photo of Student Sauve (below) by Ananda

coming soon to DL:

French Canadian cameraman Daniel Sauve takes pilgrimage to Coach for a one-day WF Private Intensive/Blessing before guiding a 18′ raft down the Grand Canyon…

there ain’t nothing like WF,
and there sure as Heaven
ain’t nothing like a WF Warrior…

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