“I am interested in an indistinct prospect, a distant view, a mere suggestion often, revealing an almost wholly new world to me. I rejoice to get, and am apt to present, a new view. But I find it impossible to present my view to most people. In effect, it would seem that they do not wish to take a new view in any case.”

– Henry David Thoreau, personal notes, july 29, 1857

after such an auspicious 12 days, it would seem perfectly appropriate for me to awaken today to a kiss of my preferred element; high, cold snow – upon Doko Oosliid.

i devote this signal of white wildness upcoming to one of my spiritual grandfathers, Henry David Thoreau whose own books made virtually no impression during his lifetime and he died, penniless, alone. it was only afterward that His words found their emotive and intellectual charge into the accelerating dis-eased mind of the modern man. What a treasure is a first snow, and what a sparkling gem was my spiritual grandpapa. This first snow upon the Sacred Peak – as light as fleece – is for H.D.T. Thank you, for living your Truth and expressing it so elegantly for so many of us who futz around for words to articulate the different stages of this delightful, challenging Divine Dance called, LIFE!

Dharma Blessings Upon Your Practice…

Om So Ti,
coach ilg

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