coach in Ardha Matsyendrasana; one of those great “Karmic Keys” into the often painful, barbed wire intensity of my hips. this and the photo of Ananda and i in Vashisthasana variation (below) by Melissa Grimes.


i realize that most men my age have already invested most of their energy, training time, and well; lives in making money.

and that’s great.

i mean, i ain’t dissin’ that. having been a self-made millionaire myself, and having three bankruptcies as well, trust me; i know by Direct Experience the qualitative differences between being The Guy to hang with cuz i could drop 1k per Saturday night in Hollywood clubs and get a VIP room for my posse with all the ancillary bootery which inevitably accompanies such lower chakral dinero dropping, and being The Guy eating boiled potatoes and living in a ratty ass trailer that became a sauna in summer and an igloo in winter on some punk ass New Mexico Indian reservation where the only trash pick up was our own pick up.

what i am saying is that when you get right down to it,
if you are a genuine man.
a genuine Human Being;
there is nothing in God’s Great Realm that will stop you from doing that which is most important to you. it’s little bit like that great George Burns quote:
“I’d rather be a failure at something I enjoy than a success at something I hate.”

to me, that means opening my hips.

opening my hips?

yes, opening my hips.

most of you would likely be absolutely astounded at the time, energy, pain, loss of sport-specific fame, and loss of financial income that i am willing to endure at the task of opening my tight hips (while not losing elite level endurance or strength; something that slides by most studio yogis).

the reason for this lifelong pilgrimage into my hips is that i know that all the tight, painful, twisted, dark, suffocated shit that lies between my hip bones holds my unique Karmic Key that opens the Stargate to the Divine. i just know this. and i ain’t gonna rely on the fact that i broke my lower back once and that my entire pelvic musculature is as tight and painful as a bundle of barbed wire. fuck that shit. it is likely that Shiva broke my back on purpose to keep me focused on what matters most: JivaMukti or liberation through the body.

put this in your pocket and chew it:
we’ve ALL broken our backs.
countless lifetimes.
whenever we die unconsciously, Sushumna (the main freeway of Kundalini within the spine) shatters, cracks, and explodes our personalized life force (Soul/Atman) with the velocity inherent to the cosmos. it’s all rather horrible; this constant dying unconsciously bit. this is what we yogis practice through meditation; how NOT to have to go through this pandemonium of soul catastrophe over and over again.

and the only more excruciating than having our Sushumna explode each time we take a death?

being re-born. ooooooooooof. my astral conversations with my own UnBorn Baby Daughter have really deepened my understanding and thus resolve to work even HARDER than the Buddha had to in order to ‘get off the Wheel of Samsara.” you can bet your top dollar, Mr. Money Maker, that ilg is going to be soooooo loving to my Baby Daughter, since i remember what the pain of taking birth requires.

it’s all in there, yogis. right there; in your hips. Muladhara Chakra. or, if your hips are totally open (in ALL aspects; including elite level ultra endurance and deep fiber strength/power) than it might be in one of the other Granthis; your heart (backbends) or your third eye (spiritual blindess; addiction to money making instead of Practice).

all we gotta do to find our unique Key to our Importance*?


i’m going for run among the Hummingbird and Wildflower Beings because that feels to me like the most Important Thing I Can Do for myself and when i stay closest to my mastery of Self, i know i am closest to God, closest to everything that is go(o)d about being a kind, compassionate peaceful Warrior…a genuine Human Being.


* means; Imported (from the Divine) Dance.

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