Now of course, i do not have ‘favorite’ students. A Teacher and Protector of Dharma is trained operate from beyond Duality, right?

However, those students that apply their Subtle Mind to the household Practices upon which Wholistic Fitness truly excels, totally turn me on. A rose is only a rose to the UnAwakened vision. There is the gross form of the rose, the subtle fragrance of the rose, and the myriad causal energetics of the rose. To each form, to each workout that we perform, to each Practice and Teaching of Wholistic Fitness, there is also gross understanding, subtle understanding, and refined understanding. These relate to our needs for External, Internal, and Divine Motivation as i have Taught you previously in this forum.

Below, veteran WF Online Student Warrior Tobe from Steamboat Springs, Colorado reveals his subtle understanding of what i consider to be the most integral factor to the WF Personal Training System; Meditation. Particularly within the exclusive Teachings and Practices of my WF Early Morning Ritual (EMR).

Lets listen and learn from my beautiful Shishya Leeson, a genuine Warrior of WF who has learned the endless value of diving DEEP into the often misunderstood household Practices of WF:

On Sep 26, 2007
Dear Coach,

My EMR practice remains a key part of my WF practice. I notice a
calming of my nervous system and greater rhythm to breath. My postural
awareness increases exponentially. I carry a lot of tension in my neck
and shoulders and your WF Toilet Yoga sequences helps to bring my focus there and allow greater relaxation.

Neti (nasal) wash is essential and clears me of much waste and snot. The simple
practice of neti washing opens up Ida and Pingala* and allows the energy of
my nadic system to flow more freely and deeply. I can feel the pranic
empowerment deeply after neti and pranayama.

Ida and Pingala have become much more balanced. There are still times a
few times a month when Ida is very passive. Rarely is Pingala the passive
side. Most days, both seem pretty well balanced during Nadi Shodhanam (prescribed Alternate Nostril Breathing programs).
My inhales tend to be shorter than my exhales, and at times feel shallow
at the start and then deeper by the last cycle of breath. After neti and
pranayama, I feel a rush of pran – lightness, presence, awareness.

Sun Piercing practice brings great awareness to Mula Bandha. I feel
strong and steady while retaining my breath between the inhales and
exhales. As the pran builds from Nadi Shodhanam.

The dialogue about TM at my kid’s school has spurred me to strengthen my
own practice of Wholistic Fitness Meditation and Svadyaya. I notice that
I still struggle with full relaxation in my sitting posture during
meditation. My knotted left side mid-back muscles scream at me. It makes
it difficult for me to fully let go and relax into the meditation and
awareness of Atman. And yet I do. My mind has settled a lot, and I can
quickly go to focussed awareness. Just need to get past my uncomfortable
sitting posture.

I am fascinated by the concept of Om – conscious mind, dream mind,
unconscious mind, and the forth transcendental state. And how I can tap
the dream state during meditation, and awareness during my dreams (lucid
dreaming). My dreams are elusive and I don’t remember them well – I am
practicing increasing my recall, keeping a dream journal. And so where
is that transcendental state – how do I get there, now?

{next paragraph omitted due to Secret Teachings inappropriate for this forum}

Love, warrior tobe


Now, you can only imagine what Joy courses through my cells when i read an Update like that. I began my Work with Tobe years ago; just teaching him about bringing Breath and Posture into his gym workouts and how to apply Mindfulness while he was on his mountain bike. Now look at the vocabulary, the Practices, the depth of transpersonal flight that this Student has gained. The ONLY quality that accounts for Students like Tobe to keep Rising Higher faster than other Students?

Trust in the Path,
Abhyasa; Steadfast Practice NO MATTER WHAT!

To Warrior Tobe,
i bow.

To all my devoted Students who have the courage to chase their Highest Star through the
Wholistic Fitness Online Training Path;
i bow in deep respect.

May perspicuity arise through calm chitta…

om so ti,
the mountain yogi

* Ida; Left Nostril orchestrating the female/lunar energetics of the body/mind.
Pingala; Right Nostril orchestrating the male/solar energetics of the body/mind.

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