The republication of the OUTSIDE MAGAZINE Cover 1992 that brought scores of Seekers toward the Steep and Direct Path of Wholistic Fitness. Currently on newsstands.

Hi Steve:
What do you think an autographed copy of Outside Magazine, May 1992, signed by Steve Ilg would be worth.
I first contacted you December 1992 as a result of that issue of Outside Magazine. Wow – almost 15 years of
coaching and friendship.
Ai Imawa
Fit Kit
ps. the copy is in pristine condition.

Most Noble Fit Kit!
i don’t know, however, the Temple gets 10%!

love and sweat through the decades; May your Practice feel Blessed and may Divine Insights arise from every grip of the barbell, every drop of cardio sweat, and every time you fold your legs into Meditation…

Om So Ti,
your ol’ coach

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