As i’ve said to the great athletes which have trusted in me since 1982;
“The Path Works, when YOU work the Path!”

Long time WF and HP Yoga Student Timari, who can be seen in this national ad is wise enough to know and trust in a “Big Medicine” Path like WF…after her victory in Monterey she wrote me:

“Hey coach!
Yes, you read it right, I have finally won that ever so coveted World 24 Hour Solo Championship jersey that I have been after for OH SO LONG! This last weekend at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, the dream finally became a reality. The course was tough (about 2,500 ft of climbing per lap), long, and the weather was uncharacteristically HOT for Monterey. Many a rider had to succumb to the heat……. some of the best that 24 hour racing has to offer. This season has been a long road for me, and not necessarily always a smooth one as you know (with the knee surgery and the blood clot of course!—–along with the dastardly blood clot medication……….), but in the end, I finally came out on top to win for my age group! No doubt that the HP yoga (along with Ananda’s Quick Fix yoga DVD)the Sundrider, and the BioBuilde have greatly helped me out along the way! Thanks as always coach for all of your guidance along the way!

Love ya!

In the spring, Timari traveled to the Sacred Peak to see me for counsel and much needed “High Performance Bodywork,” my unique style of energywork and structural compressive bodywork to help her body and mind and spirit deal with several injuries and issues.

each WF Student – whether they are merely a DL Subscriber or a devoted Online Student – receives the same wisdom, love, and care that i put into helping great athletes like Timari overcome the challenges of world class athleticism to propel themselves to the top of the podium.

Congratulations, Timari and Dharma Blessings to all of you who choose to enjoy and use the tremendous power of our humble Path to propel YOU to YOUR unique podiums of the spirit!

head bowed,

the big cheese from the tiny Temple beneath the massive Peak,
coach ilg

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