After my hips opened after about 15 years of near daily effort…

The Divine Downloads that came and kept coming
and keep coming
were and remain INTENSE!
Sooo much Chakra Level Guidance with a never before
present Sourcing from

Humor & Love
Humor & Love
Humor & Love

To tell you my Truth?
winning overall podiums and setting course records in
Ultra Racing and other events?
compared to overcoming the Granthis
between the hips!

May your Practice be Blessed from our Lineage Teachers…

keep sweating,
keep sitting and breathing stillness into your mind…

om so ti,
the mountain yogi

#1,2- Froggie Posture shot not too long ago by Ananda. the quintessential hip opening posture. go(o)d luck!
#3- Padagushtasana. Snow Canyon Utah by Kathy Faulstich. my hips were this open with 7 consecutive weeks of over 15 weekly hours of cardio training. such Wholistic Fitness is difficult to find in Kali Yuga. WF Students like myself, devoted ourselves to this entirely ignored and unrespected volume of Balanced Fitness. so be it until the Bardo!

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