DEWA METTA now appearing in the Couples Cave

in the WF SanghaLounge

read about:
• The Spiritual Lineage of WF
• The Om So Ti of Dewachen, my baby daughter.
• The syncronicity filled nomenclature of Dewachen
• YOUR Well Wishes (Metta Missives) to Dewa from our Worldwide Sangha!

i’ve never ever felt so stationed in my life to release and Share this information, this Treasure, with my Sangha.

may your Practice be empowered by this Temple Sharing exclusively for DL Subscribers and WF Online Students…just enter the WF SanghaLounge and jog over to the WF COUPLESHIP CAVE and enjoy…

Om So Ti,

your loving coach

1) Dewa’s hand, Ananda’s WF Blessed Mala. by coach.
2) Who woulda thunk it? America’s Outdoor Athlete, turned Daddy Warrior. Dewa’s first stroller walk taken just the other day. by Ananda.

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