Why The World Loves A Baby, from ROM!

Published on Oct 21, 2007 by in Baby Dharma


so great to hear from you
your little one looks like a mini tibetan monk!

the world loves babies because of all they represent
purity, joy, beginnings, the boundless potential they embody
girls rock!
a few from your humble ‘tog

Marc,Ahdina and Philomena Nxai Romanelli Zunkel

coach’s note: Marc is Marc Romanelli my Santa Fe photographer from back in the day. at 50 years young and a first time father, Marc is helping this 45-year old rookie dad through some of the terrain of being an ‘older’ abba (desert father). His beautiful daughter, Philomena, – see first two photos – was born on Earth Day, April 2006 beneath one of other Sacred Peaks of the Southwest, the 12,600′ Santa Fe Baldy (shown above) of which i at least once held both the winter and summer ascent/descent records. i still might. LOVE that peak!

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