editing note;
for some reason, Blogger is not allowing me to post exclamation marks, which, often litter my enthusiastic writing. please understand that my original draft of this entry contained about 100 exclamation marks, okay?

Yesterday, after five years of super dedicated Study, i granted Michael Cerame of Commack, NY his WF Master Student Inka during his second Private Intensive of 2007 here in Flag.

During this second Private Intensive, Shishya MC (now known by his WF Master Student Name; CeRAMA), wanted to learn Inline Ski Skating – yet another new SPORT from his list of sports and fitness activities that, thanks to his WF Study, he has enjoyed learning. During his other WF Intensives and Practice he has picked up mountain biking, road cycling, sport climbing, nordic (classic) skiing, alpine skiing, mountaineering, and sport snowshoeing. This is one Student who truly knows how to make the best of his multi-disciplined coach.

And, for those of you Online Students just starting your WF Online Journey? The Path only STEEPENS as you climb Higher. Here, i pushed some Inline Ski Skate Hill Intervals into CeRAMA’s newly inked robes just to keep him humble. Never have i heard a wimper, a complaint, or anything less than, “Yes, Coach…i am ready.” from this Beloved Shishya. see, i don’t really want “students”…i want your SOUL.

So powerful was this Intensive, that yesterday, the WF Deities allowed CeRAMA to record me during my most Secret and Cherished and POWERFUL WF PRACTICE of all time; my 20 year evolution of my Morning Ritual known as “Rock Vinyasa”. i have been Granted to release this as as a DVD on the Pro Shop. it’s gonna be totally Tribal, gutty, and the single most effective Practice you could possibly integrate into your life. In fact, after CeRAMA performed his modified version of the Rock Vinyasa, he turned toward me, sweating from all the internal combustion inherent to the Rock Vinyasa and said, “Just this was many times worth the plane ticket.” CeRAMA filmed me, never having even held a Video Camera before, in the WF Zendo. so, when i announce the release of this most Secret Temple Teaching? i will be very curious as to which Warriors jump at this most Sacred Practice of mine. Hint to the Highest Warriors; you best start going on a Pilgrimage to find your own Sacred Stone (rock) like the one pictured above. the DVD will NOT come with a 35lb rock. JAO

Thus, i send my Love to my Cherished Master Student CeRAMA as he returns to NYC, his spiritual quiver stuffed full yet again, of more and more advanced Teachings that are only revealed to my most veteran, devoted Warriors…Warriors like CeRAMA.

Om Namah CeRAMA

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