Hello Coach,

Although I am not always the most diligent warrior, not always consistent, not always dedicated…some
days I still lay the first tracks of the year. The pic attached was taken Friday after three days of solid
snowfall. It was more like running than skiing as there was not much slide and mostly grunting to get
through the powder. I saw a buck on the trail too, which is rare as we always see the females. He kept
me at a distance but I did see his antlers.

It always pays off to be there and show up…This is my inspiration for this week’s training. More later.

Coach’s note; DL readers will recall Online Student Sauve from his past year of WF “rookie online student” adventures in Morocco, his Private Intensive here in Kinlani, and in the Grand Canyon, et. al. absolutely zero snow has fallen here beneath the Peak and i must say, ilg is getting a bit anxious; i’ve worn through 3 inline skate brake pads already waiting for the snow!

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