Though known to yogis thousands of years ago, regular performance of Sirsasana or HeadStand opens subtle anatomical channels servicing the “humor chamber” of brain functioning. photo of WF Online Student veteran, Kristi Lees cultivating the humor of humor chi while in ekapada sirsasana.


what do you call a Mallard that refuses to take Sunrider Slim Caps?

answer: a plugged ‘duct’
(hey, i just made that up this morning…it’s probably funnier to lactating mommies…)


Okay, some of you ‘skiing purists’ have let me know what you think about ilg snowboarding…hey, as long as it can glide upon snow, ilg embraces it…however, as long as the snowboarding can of worms has been opened…

Doctor: Well, i’ve got some bad news for you….
Patient: Oh oh…what is it?
Doctor: Your brain is dis-eased and we need to replace it with a new one.
Patient: A new one?
Doctor: I mean, ‘another’ one…we have a few in inventory…it’s either that or die.
Patient: Geezo, this sucks. Okay, well, what do you have?
Doctor: Well i have this brain (shows him the brain in a jar), it belonged to another doctor! a great deal at $10,000!
Patient:Ooooh, man! 10k, eh? Anything else?
Doctor: This one just arrived, a real beauty; it belonged to a Lawyer! $30,000.
Patient: $30,000?!? Oh geezo! This is horrible…I don’t know what to do! Don’t you have any other brains for less money?
Doctor: (looks around furtively) Well, shhhhh, I just happen to have a hook up for you that will only cost you about $8,000 under the table…and the best part? it’s never been used before!
Patient: A brain that never been used before? How is that possible?
Doctor: Oh, it belonged to a snowboarder.

contributed by HP Yogi, Jesse Waitz.

DO YOU HAVE A FUNNY BONE IN YOUR FITNESS PERSPECTIVE? Send me your contributions along with a picture of you in your best Sirsasana! I reward original jokes more than retold ones, however, if accepted, your joke will be listed in the WF SanghaLounge!

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