(while other cyclists are leaving high-carbon footprints traveling south to train on their bikes during winter…at least a few Warriors are seeing the Nordic Light of cross training on skis!)

chances are likely that Semi-Pro MTB Racer Gary Phillips of Flagstaff is faster than you on a bike…and after an Off Season of doing my HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA CLASSES AND some nordic skiing with me?


you think he is somehow gonna be SLOWER than ever before?!!?

i think not…

Gary BEFORE his Skate Ski Clinic with me, and…

…Gary about 30 minutes into his Skate Ski Clinic with me…look at that weight shift! look at that Hang Arm! he’s already looking like Vegaard! yeah baby!


“Coach, I have to warn you, I am gonna give you a big hug after this session with you! Thank you!”
– Gary Phillips, Semi-Pro MTB Racer/Board Member;RED ROCK RACING

private Nordic Ski Clinic’s available, not to mention, Online Training…just email me!

Let’s share some yoga and Cold Sweat together this Off-Season!!!


Om So Ti,
coach ilg

(note; coach ilg is a former Nordic U.S. Jr. National Nordic Combined Team Member and a sponsored, Multi-Overall Champion in nordic ski racing.)

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