Dear tribes(men/women) WF Warriors

Today I decided to introduce myself: I’m a French Canadian located up north in Canada in the wonderful Ottawa area. We are blessed to have one the most extensive cycling network in North America. No excuses allowed here for not cycling!

Close by is the Gatineau Park, an inspiring protected environment for enjoying any outdoor fitness disciplines. Again, not excuses for staying glued to any glowing screen.

I cannot pretend to be an extremely disciplined student but I have adopted the WF principles and disciplines few years ago after, totally drained by several injuries, I purchased the Total Body Transformation book. Since then, the evolutionary journey had been rewarding. Consider this:

I had to quit practicing my favorite sports, volleyball and tennis, because of several knee’s arthroscopes and shoulders problems. Running and cycling were very painful. Soon after, I had a severe L5-S1 sciatica which took me more than a year to fully recover. I could barely move and my left calf was paralyzed. That’s when I made the commitment to follow the Ilg’s ways-of-life.

The results:

I fully recovered and can now jump, run and dance baby…I also lost 15lb while gaining muscular strength and flexibility. Gone “les poignées d’amours” (you know, the fat tire around the waist).

Instrumental to this recovery, in addition to what’s taught in the book, was the weekly practice of yoga using both Ilg’s videos: HP Prop Workout and High Performance Yoga. Try them, they will challenge every muscular fibers in your body temple and more important, calm your ego!

Merci Coach for sharing your wisdom and I sincerely hope others will share their experiences, follow your teaching and join our SanghaLounge.



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