here i am slamming down my exclusive recipe of SUNRIDER Herbs known as “the ilg supreme” enroute to a championship victory in the Furnace Creek 508 ultra cycling race through Death Valley…“The Secret Herbs of WF saved me and kept my chi full throttle through the entire race!”

Coach ilg,

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself real quick…I am Vincent Spalding and I just joined in under Vito…it was my pleasure to be his instructor and seeing what incredible shape he keeps himself in I was completed to ask what he used…expecting the usual gnc/pro hormone stuff I was pleasantly surprised when he talked of an all natural supplement that worked by helping the body to work the way its suppose to…which leads to a healthy looking and feeling body…so, I took the SUNRIDER Herbal Foods known as Slim Caps and Action Caps for 6 months…and was amazed that I could work all day doing 6 or so massages a day or lay down to meditate, either or at any time…I have recently quit smoking again and have increased the Action/Slim Caps amount that I take and have only gained 2 pounds over the last 2 weeks – while I was on vacation and eating everything that is not usually in my diet! – I had lost 90 lbs. in a year and a half some years ago with the aid of ephedra…but this stuff is incredible…I joined SUNRIDER under your Downline not to try to make money (which is the reason for joining Herba##@ years ago)but because I love the products!…my 3 month plan is to change my appearance in such a way that every who knows me asks what I did and introduce them to SUNRIDER Herbs (and most importantly join in the Coach Ilg Downline to receive his emails and complimentary individual guidance! What other book author and world champion athlete DOES THAT?!!? THANK YOU!!!)

the typical ‘ilg stash’ of the “Secret Herbs of Wholistic Fitness; SUNRIDER! since 1983!”

your email’s are much appreciated and that’s the real reason for the email…I feel as if I will have the knowledge I need to do the business end of it if I should choose…but being a therapist, I’m more interested in giving my family,friends, and clients a direction to go in for all of their health needs…I would love to learn more about the different products…I’m curious if you might have a book that I can purchase as to your findings in regards to the different supplements and their affect?…I’m going to start purchasing different products and experimenting with them (high cholesterol,which doesn’t worry me, but heart problems that do, run in my family and I picture a healthy heart all the time, I’m curious which supplements and at what doses would you recommend in regard to this as it is a problem on both sides and the side effects of the meds my family is taking, is more then apparent to me…personally I refuse to take prescription meds).any help you can give me in regar
d to the supplements and their power would be greatly appreciated…thank you again…I look forward to your future emails

a believer,

Vincent Spalding

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