icicles frame my Beloved “Twilight Peaks” on the evening after my nordic ski marathon at Durango Mountain Resort. Oh, the backcountry experiences which leap from deep chambers of my soul whenever my eyes are cast upon these San Juan ‘hills’! i love ice. the word, of Latin origins, means ‘assimilated from other sources.’ isn’t that great? just like you and me! i am gonna give my friends in Durango another day to get me Race Photos before posting my Race Report…cuz, well, you know, one picture is worth a million of my feeble words! so, here is some WF Student Input that you can use for some CHI FUEL today in your Noble Practices of the Wholistic Fitness lifestyle…May Love Abide.
photo by ilg.


“i have always considered the skeleton as the Sherpa carrier of the spine – not the spine carrying the skeleton. it is my maxim therefore to develop the Subtle Energetics of the spine (sushumna) and let the skeleton shift for itself.”
– coach ilg,broken spine self healer, 9/26/06

yogini b. in ustrasana


Coach, I read DL every day, seeing all those pictures of snow is very motivational to me, I am really trying to make a move to the mountains myself this year and your blog is such a big motivator for me in so many ways!!!! For example, I was the only on Ohio Street Beach on New Year’s Day in the middle of a snowstorm here, running up and down the sand hills that have gotten created by the wind and loving it!!! And I have to say, I love the Dewa pictures too!!!!!!!!! SO good luck in your race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopeful, soon to be mountain dweller…


You should know that I am laughing hysterically right now.
Do you know why I love you…?
I’ve never had a yoga teacher call me dude. I love it!
I’m all over the antibiotics, dude!
Flagstaff HP Yogini



Random emails from random people…

I saw your posts on the snowshoe racing webpage,- Coach Ilg’s Column at USSSA – which led me to WF and your book The Winter Athlete. I purchased it because their is nothing else out there about training for snowshoeing. I’m just a recreational/fitness athlete but I like to know what I’m doing and make the best use of limited workout time. I race, when I race, more to see what I can do then with any great expectations about winning. I have always been fairly active, but did not start a regular workout routine until I was 41 (8 yrs ago). Something about not liking being out of breath just going for a walk. I have never been coached but I have lots of books (running, mtn biking, triathlon, xc skiing, and even 1 for swimming). I have to say, I had no idea what I was getting when I bought your book. But it is fantastic! Serious sports training but a lot more. And even though it is not the most recently published book in my library, it has more useful information in it than any of the newer ones.

I’d love to attend your yoga classes or even get actual coaching, but I’ll have to content myself with the book. And I just purchased your other book – TBT and the HP Yoga DVD to extend my exploration of your WF program.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the book (and other material on its way).

best wishes,
Bob Newman
Petersburg, ND

-22F this morning and only crusty old snowdrifts to run on!

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