A quick note to say thanks for taking the time and effort required to produce Total Body Transformation, as well as the InDirect Lines Blog.

One of the wonderful things about the book is how applicable it is across levels of fitness. I am no stranger to hard training and initially saw the workouts as a decrease in my overall activity level. Last October, after week one, I thought otherwise. Taking my own mindfulness to the next level during workouts was a wonderful challenge.

My girlfriend Zenu was familiar with the yoga (as she is from Delhi and has practiced since childhood) but in terms of her general conditioning she was a novice. The friendly, motivating tone of your book and the clear instructions really helped. Her body has transformed and she loves being able to go out and run for an hour for no reason at all. She is more confident, motivated, and motivating. She loves how she looks.

In December I purchased a second copy of your book and took it to Salt Lake City to give to my best friend, an extremely talented but generally undisciplined ex-rock climber turned couch potato. Jason has innate athletic talent but not a lot of inner drive. I am concerned for him because he, like me, is aging (we are both in our late 30’s) but unlike me he’s doing a lot more sitting. I got a text message from him yesterday. He loves the book, is completing it, and is super motivated.

My dogs are also fitter than they ever have been. :-)

In the very near term I will subscribe to Direct Lines. As a PhD student living on a small stipend money is tight, but my current plan is to run through the entire book a second time, sell off some items that I picked up from storage in Salt Lake City during my trip, and then send in an application for coaching. I have been coached before for specific events and have used various training plans in the past, but I have find them unsuitable compared to self-coaching because of the broad range of things that I like to do–and do well in, if I am racing–over the course of the year…and the desire to meld more of that with my life and practice.

In any case, thank you again for what you have created, and continue to create.

Expect an application in late spring.

Rob W.
Troy, New York

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