Yesterday’s WF Challenge Test was a High Test inDeed. sometimes, coach just gotta fire off a really hard one to make sure the pacing of my Teachings are in tune with where we are Vibing at, for the most part.

I only had a couple of Devoted Warriors even attempt an answer and from those Bryan Bishop was the most fierce…in his second attempt he writes:


I am probably not allowed to attempt again, but after looking at it again, and the fact that you said it was a pranic mudra, I would have to say that it is the Vyan Mudra. This Mudra helps control high blood pressure, and heart disease. As well as regulating blood circulation.


And the answer is;


One would have to be quite the enthusiastic yogi to know the answer to my Test Challenge Question. this particular mudra, which stalls the psychic current, is referenced only obliquely in one of the Original Yoga Scriptures. which is why you couldn’t find it on the Internet.

When we are babies, still close to the Other Plane(t)s, we intuitively engage a number of mudras as infants and babies, such as Dewa demonstrated for us on DL yesterday. As we grow older and develop our “I” Consciousness, dwindled and fractured grows our relationship with our Subtle and Refined Consciousness as we morph into our Egoic Shells that we identify with until we encounter our Dharma Teachers and begin the spiritual journey of whittling away that accumulated Egoic armor covering our Atman. This is all par for the course of taking a(nother) Human Incarnation. it cannot be otherwise unless we are born Bodhisattvas. as Ram Dass or Alan Watts once described the appropriateness of our induction into Spiritual Work (and i paraphrase);
“Hey, we all gotta become Somebody before trying to become Nobody…otherwise it messes up the whole Game.”

this is what makes our spiritual examines so perfect…our Journey out of our Ego Identifications is appropriately paced for how intensely we choose to go after Enlightenment.

by the Way, have you ever examined that word “examine”. it’s perfect:

Ex = not
am = being
(m)ine = I Consciousness

when we examine something
we are really exploring the Truth of something which means taking the “I” Consciousness out of the formula.

i reflected on this while nordic skiing 28k yesterday through utterly brilliant snow covered pine/aspen forests.

that’s whats delivered to us Sadhakus who don’t use iPods…we receive the Grace of Divine Insights by Just Listening to the rolls of the UniVerse sweeping across our Awareness.

keep it cranked,
keep it turned within,
and Study The Sacred Scriptures of Enlightenment…

track those Masters of Life and Death,
what else you got going that is more important?

head bowed,
the mountain yogi

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