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“Just as surely as there is mental power in the body, likewise there is this cosmic power which yogis know as “kundalini.” In athletes living only in the sweat plane, and in yogis living only in the studio plane, it remains covered by tamoguna…the layered thickness of addictive, lazy patterns accumulated over lifetimes. In the Wholistic Fitness warrior, however, he who is unafraid to sacrifice specific strength for wholeness, the kundalini begins to tremble, spiritual ignorance dwindles, and suddenly a divine zeal, patience, and wisdom starts to awaken the Higher Self within.”

– steve ilg in an excerpt from my upcoming final chapter of “Go Sell It On The Mountain,” only available in the electronic scripture known as, Direct Lines.

photo by www.Naggan.com
Kilometer 31 = top of “HeartBreak Hill” sees the ilg payback time, as i leave behind me a trail of human debris like so many ants as i pass all the athletes who passed me like a bad case of meat-eater farts on the Run Up. elevation; approaching 10,300′ with another 1,000 vertical feet to go. you have GOT to do this race! i’ve been telling you that for 20 years now! test yourself, see your true self in the reflection of the summit snows…

examples of some fan mail so far on my Mt. Taylor Chronicles;


Noble Coach Ilg,

What a beautiful journey it must have been. Congratulations on attaining a Higher step on the podium than was possible the last time you soloed the Quad. Very inspirational on so many levels. I am ever more grateful for this steep and direct path of ours.

Head Bowed,



Dear Mr. Ilg,

Damn bro your Go Sell it Part 1 rocked my world first and then also part 2 and 3. You know what I am talking about…it’s deep bro very deep.

You are the schnizzle and still my inspiration. Really.

Congrats on your journey upon and with TisDool…head bowed.

I am hanging outside the cave and someday I hope to enter again, catch up and embrace.

Thank You for every teaching I have ever received from you.

Your forever student,

Stephen Jones


Dear Steve, Congratulations on Mt. Taylor. What an inspiration. In your honor i completed my own BIG SKY QUADRATHON this morning(bike, treadmill, stairclimber, then bike). i gave it everything as you did. Why don’t you go out and play some golf tomorrow to relax.
Love, Kendo


Dear Coach Ilg,

you know, you don’t have to go risking your life to inspire us. and yet you do. and it does. whoah. your saturday DL just rocked my world. spoke to all of the reasons that i was drawn to WF and just love this Path so much. Thank you!

speedy recovery to you, Coach!

student coop


Out of curiosity, were you able to do the yogi squat for 30 seconds every five minutes on the run? I would TAF that having competitors hot on your tail would make it difficult to make that stop.


(answer coming up in the next final chapter!)

dear coach ilg,

i am excited to hear that you are going to be racing the mt. taylor quad this weekend and especially excited to hear that you will be doing so as a soloist. pin pe obe, beloved teacher, pin pe obe. hopefully i have spelled this correctly, i went into my archives to check the spelling from your race report of a few years back and alas, my copy is missing. i will be running the tribal mantra for you on saturday.
thank you! konryu

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