Unlike any other Path abiding upon this plane(t),
WF is a science of not just one, but rather 5 Yogas (pathway of union):
Strength, Cardio, Hatha Yoga, Nutrition, and Meditation.

In this Path of Yoga, we do not consider a Bench Press or a 5-mile interval run as ANY LESS SACRED than say, an Upward Facing Dog posture or Padmasana. We work on our weaknesses, not our strengths in order to gain wholeness and balance instead of discipline-specific addiction and arrogance. To study WF means embarking on a very long, slow Path. It means touching Mastery perhaps in one area, then, leaving it to focus on another area of ourselves thus we remain Endless Beginners.

In respectful accordance with Ancient Scriptural instructions; These 5 Yogas are not taught without 4 Yamas (lifestyle observances): Breath and Posture, Mindfulness, Appropriate Action, and Practice.

The WF Warrior is more than a Yogin.

He or She is also a Yamin (follower of lifestyle observances).

There has not been anything quite like WF before; her approach has been
ahead of the fashion of modern seekers for over 25 years and is still not
well understood or accepted except by a few very, very highly vibrating
multi-disciplined seekers who simply just “get it.”

Below are few examples of the several hundred WF Warriors which populate
the world and understand that our Highest Workout is truly; Everywhere.

That which takes away your breath (prana/God) the fastest IS your Highest
Yoga. Enter WF there. Begin working immediately upon your scariest weaknesses and fears, and know that you are working your own unique way h(om)e. The Way of WF is a way of devotion to your difficulties and weaknesses in order to be freed from them until Enlightenment.

May your Daily Sweat and Stillness purify
and may your Practices today be of Great Benefit to all Beings in All Realms…

Om So Ti.

– coach ilg
Direct Lines, 2*12*08

photo by; www.waynewilliamsstudio.com


Noble Coach Ilg,
I have new respect for your accomplishments on snowshoes!!! This race was one of the hardest things I can recall doing. The combination of cardio, strength and mental focus was truly unique. Though my race was only 5k, nobody finished under 1:10, including some top adventure racers. It was steep baby! My finish was 1:29. Good enough for 6th place. Not bad considering I hadn’t taken a step in the Kahtoola Flight System before the gun went off and had driven up from sea level to 7,000′ just that morning. I absolutely flew down a twisty singletrack “skiing” on the tails of the snowshoes. A technique I learned watching your Sport SnowShoeing Basics DVD!!! Thanks for everything Coach. Next year the podium.:)

head bowed,



WHOLISTIC FITNESS grabs two more podium spots and with the help of WF our athletes took 7 podium spots out of 20 who made the trip, two of those who finished dead last yet were the truest warriors.

Gary (above left) got 1st in AG and 12th OA while, I took 2nd AG and 30th OA. I lost 6 places in the final 3 miles of down hill because of a couple of fear issues.

I know you have some tough high altitude races yet mile for mile you would
be hard pressed to find a harder race and this is at sea level.

Recently, I have stepped up my harder workouts and know what
I have to do.

Love and Namaste,


(you can read New Warrior Student Mackel’s blog by scrolling the left margin of DL)

“…when emotions arise, i am learning to breath into them- this helps to lessen the drama and quicken the release. when i am in good posture, i notice other people adjusting theirs. that always brings a smile.”
New Online Shishya Karen
(above left in Santa Fe with her sister, J.D)

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