InSight # 16

Published on Mar 06, 2008 by in Dharma Teaching


InSight #16

We’re obviously not trying too hard because we still are attached to our richness mindset – we still say to ourself,
“Well, I can’t Practice too long today because I need to work.”

The World Class Yogi’s who have transcended Death have been precisely where we stand.
The only thing – the ONLY difference – between They and us?

They chose to renounce all Outer Worldly striving and instead began driving themselves deeper and deeper into Their Inner World…focused like a hungry Bird of Prey toward Enlightenment.
Us? We are still Attached to $.
$ = Stiffness.

We do not Trust in God; We trust in $. Very lame. Still we live like sheep; afraid of Death, timid of losing self!

See how much bravery and Trust in God
does the Spiritual Journey require? How brave will you be, Oh Noble Warrior, this time around?

( 1/15/06)

– upcoming book project, steve ilg.

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