I know you are busy – with fatherhood, your own practice and your formal online students, but I had to share my experience with you since you have guided me down this path. No worries about responding, as this is just my testimonial that I have to share with you.

The HP yoga dvd had been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks; I’d been practicing yoga at my neighborhood studio and spring track had started so I felt tied up – and feared introducing a new practice to my training. I was weighed down by my school/work commitments and how could I add something new?

Now to today. The past 48 hrs have been particularly stressful in dealing with my fellow coach and managing my athletes. I came home feeling empty and as I told my wife, “depressed” after seeing my head coach yell at one of our athletes – that motivation technique does not work for me (or anyone?) I couldn’t bare to run today, so I FINALLY slipped HP Yoga DVD in and started.

I am humbled. And grateful. I spent much time in child pose and it was still the hardest thing I have ever done. I was shaking throughout my practice and trying to check my ego every other minute. Find YOUR place pete, I kept telling myself, but also wanting to push.Oh that ego.

And then your words at the end of the hour rang clear in my ears. We have to let go. All that pushing – just to let go. As I lay there releasing everything, tears streamed down my face. I released all that I had tried to hold on to in the last two days. All that anger I had toward the other coach was released – I knew that I had to find a better way to deal with the situation – I could not hold onto what I wanted it to be.

The whole last hour has been cathartic. I don’t know if that was what it was supposed to be. But besides releasing the tension of my days I realized a bit more about yoga and WF. First that yoga is so much more than poses. Well duh, but you can’t be told that and understand it. It has to be felt. And second, with yoga I can see why I don’t need to run 6 days a week to train for a race. Damn are my quads burning.

Thank you so much coach. I feel like I am just scratching a surface of something I can not even begin to see in its entirety.

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