{insert classic rap beat here}

Okay, okay…
whassup DL Brothers and Sistahs….

give me a beat
so i can stamp my feet…

ooooo yeahhhh…
dare it is….

ooooo yeahhh…

so my man Obama
rocked the dharma
yet i gotta put out da karma
for the end o’ ski season marga*

today i cranked on the teles**
like the snow was da lyrics o’ Nelly
oh my turns were linkin’
cuz i was not thinkin’
to da babish stylin’ of my Stinkin’ ***

ooooh yeahhhhh…

so my GS**** gyrl Lindsey Vonn
brought home da Globe***** to Turtle IsLAND******…
such a sweet, sweet face
on a body that cranks in a ski race…

ooooh yeahhhhh…
give it uuuuuup!!!!!

so home boy Bode*******
stuck it to the Euro Phony
he flies on an alien ski stance
yet no mofo can hang with his high speed dance…

ooooh yeahhhhh…
give it uuuuuup!!!!!

in my best love of Nordic ski racing…
where da sufferin’ is biggern da Lake Powell basin…
it was Norway who did the best cranking…
20 World Cup victories, yah bro…in one season dat’s a margin
in da sport that makes all others look like friggin’ kindy-garten…

ooooh yeahhhhh…
give it uuuuuup!!!!!

ooooh yeahhhhh…
give it uuuuuup!!!!!

Americans been da laughin’ stock of ski racing, stuck to da bottom like rhodium…
now look at whose smiling from the top of the World Cup Podium!!!
hell yeah!!! all we gotta do is Lindsey and Bode’ em!!!

ooooh yeahhhhh…
give it uuuuuup!!!!!

FIS Alpine World Cup 2007/2008 champions

Overall ladies: Lindsey Vonn (USA)
Overall men: Bode Miller (USA)
Giant slalom men: Ted Ligety (USA)
Downhill ladies: Lindsey Vonn (USA)
Super combined men: Bode Miller (USA)

head bowed from the ghetto-with-a-meadow…Flagstaff

coach ilg********


* means “Path” in yoga…
cuz when ilg spits the raps
no one ain’t da versatile caps
on dis wholistic yogi brat…

** telemark skiing

*** i tele ski on K2 SuperStinx

**** Giant Slalom

***** World Cup Trophy is in the shape of a crystal globe

****** Native American for America

******* Bode Miller; 2007/08 World Cup Alpine Champion

********skiing resume:
Highest Nordic Ski Race Record Holder,
Nordic State Champion,
Nordic Ski Descent Course Record Holder,
World Extreme Ski Championship competitor,
2-years Jr. National Nordic Combined Team,
4th place; Peace Downhill
2 years; Alpine and Nordic Varsity Team Member; Durango, CO

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