“my sink is a second puja table. complete with candle which gets lit daily for this sink cleaning ritual. a wooden flute from Sedona, and an angel from my mom.
~ my sink is a breath and posture ‘station’ in this house.

…and as far as the importance of my WF Early Morning Ritual (EMR)…well, when i do get to build that special deluxe puja space, it will have it’s own bathroom!”

– WF Online Student Wendy Cooper, whose Practice has really been accelerated by a shift caused by the only thing which matters in the spiritual journey; perseverance!

Above, Wendy with her 4 year-old daughter Jessica and husband Brian.

soon to be released on DVD:


dear coach ilg,

i apologize for the tardiness of my updates, however, i think and feel that you will enjoy this one, late as it is. HR data for tempo running workout: 140-150 BPM; HR data for stair running workout: 159 BPM max and i was really pushing hard. the norse god of winter, ullrr, seems to be sending me a message on my stair running days.
last week, he blessed me with a few inches of beautiful white fluff before and during the training. this week, he challenged me with a beautiful fluffy 7 inches on top of a few inches of base. it would have been easy to postpone stairs, instead, this humble stair climber took his snow shovel and cleared a path for his efforts.
it has been my observation that i have been weak of will for the past year and my choice to shovel and climb instead of staying
indoors and doing something safe and easier is a giant step for me.
thank you! konryu



Keep it cranked, fulfilled by these two glorious WF Students who understand that unless a Personal Fitness Path includes progressive development of both the Outer and the Inner…it ain’t ‘fitness’ at’tall!

God Bless Our Path
God Bless your support of it through sincere sweat and stillness…

this is my Prayer today…

and watch for the release of my EMR DVD!!!

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