On May 28, 2008, wrote:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the message.

I recently re-read your “Transformation” book and thought it was time to give “your” version of yoga a real chance. The snowshoe stuff sounds intriguing as well.

I look forward to receiving your material.

All the best,


Most Noble Fitness Warrior Mike!

oh, it ain’t “mine”…

yoga means; UNION.

so, in WF i just stayed True to the Ancient Enlightened Ones, who never pushed anything away;
it’s ALL yoga!
whatever physiologic capacities are inherent to a human incarnation should be used for the Ascent Toward Enlightenment, right?

who said that a Bench Press was less sacred than a Chaturanga?

not ilg!

we’re mailing your HP Yoga DVD and products off today! enjoy the Sweat, live the WF Spirit!


head bowed,

coach ilg

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