Master WF Student L’Gate displays Master Student form during Barbell Curls under my eye last year; look at the posture! look at the rooted feet! look at the steady skull! the Eye of the Tiger! the BREATH! there is NOTHING more beautiful to me on this planet than a focused Human Being cultivating their Higher Self through appreciation and development of their body! WF Rocks! L’Gate ROCKS! he wrote to me today, as i am late on his next program:


Namaste! I went deep into The Winter Athlete yesterday and did your IWT / ICWT workout. Only the second time I’ve done that baby, and…holy high intensity! I actually saw yellow spots dancing before my eyes at one point, but pushed through.
Student L’Gate

this is truly a hallmark of a WF Master Student like L’Gate…even though he has studied Online with me for several years, if i am late in designing his next program, he simply returns to the “sacred scriptures”; the many books, cds, dvds, and DL Archives which make the non-formal study of this Path so cost-effective. That particular workout that L’Gate mentions above? KILLER! FUNCTIONAL! FUN! excuses, excuses from so many people about having ‘no time’ to train! the legion of programs like IWT/ICWT in the WF System require less than 25 minutes to crank out! check it out through your own sweat and spirit and tell me what you TAF!

MORE GREAT NEWS for you non-formal WF Students!
this very workout that L’Gate sees “spots” on will soon be available as a
Pay Per PDF!

enjoy the crankin’ Ever Higher!

at least THIS PATH OF YOGA does NOT sidestep the “Metal Element” of the gym!

YEAH BABY LONG LIVE WF…the Choice of those sincerely focused on the GO(o)D Source!

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