Coach Ilg,
Go(o)d things take time; I am a work in progress day by day, moment by
moment. My nostrils are unbelievably improved since I began neti four years
ago and now on your EMR DVD. I bow to you and the simple things you have introduced me to that have
improved life immeasurably.

Your humble devotee, Alan B.


Dear Coach,
i want to take your yoga class but i’m scared, quite frankly. i was trained in the Iyengar System and only have a third of the way to go before becoming a Teacher…


Dear Denise,
of what are you afraid?
truth be told, my solo practices are 95% Iyengarish; i just superimpose the subtle anatomical work over it.

if you are going to make any friend in this short life,
make friends with The Buddha of Intensity
for you will need it in the Bardo.

just come to class.

Sat Nam,


Dear Coach,
i’ve never admitted this to ANYONE before…
i have a substance abuse problem and don’t know exactly what to do about it.

– S.M.

Most Precious One,

whippdy doo…
we are all addicts to one degree or another until Enlightenment so get over it.

before laying the label of being a Substance Abuser
upon someone else,
i’d suggest the utterer of such a phrase
to examine if they themselves are not guilty of an even worse ‘problem’;
Pranic Neglect.

better to be passionate about Pranic Development than worry about Substance Abuse,
for it’s like doing the SUNRIDER HERBS:
as long as you keep eating the herbs, eventually, your addictions to junk food or whatever are either going to dwindle to more manageable levels or…
well, you will quit doing the SUNRIDER HERBS and come up with some easy rationalization
for doing so.

just shift your focus to Pranic Development instead of seeing yourself as
a Substance Abuser.
we are ALL Substance Abusers to some degree or another; i mean, just look at
the condition of our Precious Mother Earth/Father Sky…just look at how deeply
we’ve abused our own Parents; our Earth Mother, our Sky Father!

and follow the Pranic Path of WF.

Prioritize your Daily Sweat and Stillness over all else and
let your vasanas and samskaras Shift for themselves;
enjoy the Show!

love from the Left-Handed Dharma,

i myself am probably the world’s most addicted coach, i mean, look at me typing this to you using my dominant hand to use my computer mouse! addictions run deep and insipid. just do your best, forgive yourself often, and…Begin Again, and Again, and endlessly, Again!


your addicted coach


Interesting how practices just fall apart sometimes in the face of external stresses. It’s a shift of priorities, right or wrong, that I don’t have “time” to continue those practices. If I have five minutes, I logically feel the need to spend it on school work…rather than the intuitive need to focus inward.

All good lessons over the past few weeks.



Most Precious Father Warrior H,

inDeed. two quotes may help:

“The Way is easiest in the Temple,
more difficult in the marketplace,
most difficult in the home.”
– Zen

“Breath & Posture plus Mula Bandha and the Mantra running behind all of them?
That’s a pretty go(o)d workout…at least to me it is.”
– ilg


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