Namaste Most Cherished Warriors,

i’m taking the “Can Do Clan” down the hill to Sedona today and tomorrow. Our Mission;
try to break the City Limits barrier with Dewachen.
it’s hilarious ain’t it? here is ilg with an entire lifetime of being “America’s Outdoor Athlete,”… a wandering yogi up, down, across Turtle Island dozens of times and since becoming a new father, we’ve been holed up here in the Temple H(om)e, just taking Dewa out for local hikes and occasional appearances in town. what hicks we are! yet, if one lives in Heaven, why risk taking an infant out onto the highways and cluttered cities of smog while Her neural hooking up phase is in such an hypertrophic state? just let Her be At One with the Harmony of our beautiful pranically empowered Temple H(om)e, right? good. glad you agree with me.

infants need only two things; their mom and dad. period. every waking and sleeping moment; infants need their mom and dad around them. end of story. no pre-school bs. no chronic babysitting reliance. no tv. no sticking them into ‘walkers’ or those cursed things that hang from doorjams. stay Tribal with your infant; constant attention with them must become your Sadhana. no matter how hard; no matter how much your own selfish desires for your ‘own time’ or “your own enjoyment away from the kid” becomes; just Prioritize one thing; dropping into and listening and responding to your child. dat’s it.

and guys; we’ve gotta love, love, love our partner more than ever. most relationships hit a divorce moment within 3 years of having a baby. it is that hard.
every fiber of who you’ve crafted yourself to be gets combusted and instead of training or working; you gotta wash the baby bottles. do it. and wash them impeccably; make loving and caring for the mother of your child as your Sadhana; your yoga, your Path. you chose it on One Level or another; so Serve, Noble Warrior! that is all.

A DEWA UPDATE by popular demand:
well, if people could just see what a Fit Baby is our Dewa at 8 1/2 months, it sure would prove the Path of WF…Dewa is soooo fit; look at those legs! and…low and behold, the lil’ One has inherited not only the Ilg butt, but the Kilpatrick butt as well! oh Lord Shiva! lookout! She’ll soon be like, “C’mon daddy, we can go crank Shultz Pass on our Mountain bikes before i have to go to school, c’mon, c’mon…”.

Dewa (DAY-wah), who has been nourished on my approach to SUNRIDER Herbs, and MAP amino acids through Ananda’s body ever since she was a Cling-On in Ananda’s supposedly ‘infertile’ uterus, is soooo strong and fit! she is already sprinting with our slight support around from furniture to furniture determined to walk on Her own. She is like, ‘screw this crawling bs…i’ve got places to go, things to see!”. we are, however, encouraging Her to enjoy being a baby and at least play the game of being a crawling infant. She can stand up by Herself while using a 5.13 grip on any piece of furniture or playpen and once She is outside? She just drops into this Zen State of Awareness, Her precious head on a swivel; listening to birdsong, wind, and the delight of the natural world around Her. She is my chuckling, gorgeous, fit little ball of radiant Bliss…She is my live-in resident Precious Guru Rinpoche and i love Her sooooooooo. even Her hair is now living up to Her name as it is growing from Her gorgeous little head like Golden Rays of Bliss. but ‘proud daddy’ digresses…

we’re also going to Sedona so i can do some stream fishing in Oak Creek Canyon and we’re trying to lay down some MUCH needed footage for some more GREAT WF DVD’s such as Ai Imawa, Medium Form Flexibility, and a
Top Secret Project that you are ALL gonna love which will have its own website…in fact, i am looking for some investors (not big $) to launch this project worldwide…you are gonna LOVE IT! let me know if you are interested. and, as ever, if you or your company are ever interested in sponsoring a DVD project of mine, just let me know as well…often, i can complete a DVD Project with as little as a $500 sponsorship. it’s great karma, because as you know, any DVD that i produce is deeply valuable for many worldwide warriors and adds yet another Ripple to the WF Wave which has been rolling for 25 years, helping, serving, lifting the folk of Kali Yuga ever Higher. thank you.


HP Yogi Jut Wynne, our famous “Cave and Cricket Man” whose been profiled here in DL for the last 4 years has aske me to ring the Temple Gong; he is looking for some adventurers to go with him to a VERY FASCINATING spot on Ma Earth and, who knows, you might even be laying the foundation to get on a trip to Mars!…

who knows?

treat yourself well today,
and may Love abide within your Daily Sweat and Stillness…

el coache


Hey Steve,

Would you be so kind as to forward this announcement to the WF/ HP tribe? I’m looking for well-conditioned folks to join me on an expedition to the Atacama Desert, Chile (17 July – 13 August 2008). Please see details below.

Thanks bro!
yogi jut


Phase 2, Earth Mars Cave Detection Program, Atacama Desert, Chile — I am looking for volunteers to assist with Phase 2 of the Earth-Mars Cave Detection Program (a program funded through NASA Exobiology). Our study sites (in addition to Mars) will be the Atacama and Mojave Deserts. I am looking for volunteers (who can commit to at least a two week stint) to assist me in Chile this summer (17 July – 13 August 2008).

RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: Our objectives will be to map 15 caves and 15 non-cave features, deploy temperature/ rH and barometric pressure sensors at all these features (instruments will remain in situ for three years), and collect thermal imagery over a 24 hour cycle for most if not all of our study features.

Space.com, Possible New Mars Cave Targets in Search for Life (02 April 2007)

Astrobiology Magazine, Caves on Mars (04 April 2007) http://www.astrobio.net/news/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=2290&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

NASA Astrobiology Highlights and Astrobiology Magazine, Exploring Caves from 30 Feet in the Air (30 April 2007) http://astrobiology.arc.nasa.gov/news/expandnews.cfm?id=10622

You may also go to my personal website (www.caveexplorer.org) for additional information.

This project has also been approved as an Explorers Club Flag Expedition (Flag # 52). Folks interested in joining the Club often participate in Flag expeditions to up their chances of being accepted. Folks interested in joining the club could use this trip to up their chances of being admitted. For more information on the Explorers Club, please go to www.explorers.org.

LOCATION: Atacama Desert, northern Chile. This is the driest desert on the planet. Our base of operations will be San Pedro de Atacama. However, while not in San Pedro, we will be camping on the outskirts of the cities of Colima and Iquique, as well as in other more remote locations in the Atacama. It will be winter down there, and it will get quite cold at night. So, participants should bring attire and camping gear reflective of alpine winter conditions.

TIME COMMITMENT: I am requesting all potential participants commit to at least two weeks. If a one month window is too much, which I suspect it is for most folks, we have two two-week sessions, which may better accommodate most people’s schedules. These are:

Session I: 17 – 31 July 2008

Session II: 31 July – 13 August 2008

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: I am looking for solid cavers/ rock climbers/ mountaineers to assist with this effort. If you do not fall into one of these categories, you must be physically fit (and accustomed to working in back county conditions) and NOT claustrophobic. Working underground can be demanding both physically and mentally. So, all participants should be prepared to endure long hours (10-12 hrs/ day) of working underground while backcountry camping for several days at a clip.

SAFETY TRAINING: At a minimum, all participants must have a current Red Cross First Aid/CPR certificate. Each team member must have MEDEX Evacuation Insurance. Please go to http://www.medexassist.com/, and look into pricing for MEDEX Global Traveler’s Insurance (FOR “EVACUATION ONLY”). Depending on your age, it will range in price from ~55.00 to 110.00 USD. The more expensive amount is for those staying the entire month (I did not factor in the additional week for the sojourn to Easter Island).

COSTS: Airfare is around 1500.00 USD, and incidentals/ food will run ~500.00-750.00 USD (depending on how extravagant you chose to live while down there). If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, it will cost you a bit more. Most hotels in San Pedro are ~100.00 USD/ night. When I was down there two years ago, I stayed in hotels during my entire trip and it cost ~3500.00 USD for two weeks. This included all costs. Also, if you don’t have caving/ climbing gear you will also need to purchase this gear as well; this will include a helmet, three light sources, gloves and knee and elbow pads. Bolivia and Argentina are about 100 miles from San Pedro, so you may want to take a trip there after your two weeks with us. Mindful of this, you may want to buffer your expenses accordingly.

FYI, several of us will be conducting baseline biodiversity inventories of a few caves on Easter Island after the Atacama field work. Currently, I’m working out these details with a Chilean colleague of mine. So, if you want to join us, you are welcome to do so. However, seats for this will be limited. We cannot take more than six on this mini-expedition.

If interested, please contact Jut Wynne, jut.wynne@nau.edu.

J. Judson Wynne
Cave Exploration

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