Most Noble Warriors,

for the first time since an eon-ago and a broken spine;
i and WF Master Student L’Gate are planning to run
(read; survive, crawl, finish before cut off times) the
and the only
footrace worth doing before you die
(and if you die during this race? it’s a go(o)d day to die!)


Imogene Pass Race

registration opened last night at midnight: so be there or be square…

i used to be a top-20 overall finisher in this race back in the eighties. WF Warrioress Lisa Goldsmith is the current Women’s Master Champion and we’ll have a ton of Flagstaff HP Yogi’s cranking the course as well!

my top-20 memories will be with my snail-pace effort this year, however, the scenery, the chi, the incredible history of this birthplace of Wholistic Fitness,
should not be missed by any warrior! just do it…

see you in the “Switzerland of America”…Ouray, Colorado which is the Start Line in September; plenty of time to train for you to make this race a reality…i’ll be happy to answer questions about the race in the WF SanghaLounge if anyone wishes to create a New Topic for it…


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