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…yesterday marked Dewa’s 9-month Birthday; my little Rinpoche had a BIG DAY. while Ananda taught a great HP Yoga class, Deh and i went for a 3-mile Stroller run, then i whisked my little Teacher into a Zen breakfast whereupon at one point, we took 20 minutes to mindfully, appreciatively eat 6…count ’em, 6 organic “Cheerios.” i call this consciously slow-motion eating of our organic Cheerios, our “Tai-Chi-reeios.” Dewa is learning from the start my “WF Rasas Eating Principle.” i then danced Her into a nap time (Dewa loves falling asleep on my shoulder to Nora Jones), then a triathlon-like transition to take Her to Her Swim Classes at NAU…the same facility where the world’s Olympians gather to train…hmmmm…after Dewa’s swim workout, it was more feeding, more napping and then more Walking Practice into an Evening Stroll with both Ananda and myself. That’s a Heaven-of-a-Birthday; Dewa was doing Her Rinpoche ear-to-ear grinning all day! What a precious Gem…above photo by myself of Amma and Dewa in Dewa’s Swim Class at NAU…“This is the way we SPLASH our arms, SPLASH our arms, SPLASH our arms…This is the we way we…”

Namaste Most Cherished Mighty Limb’d Sangha,
i had another potent Dharma Teaching all lined up for y’all today, then, i awoke to the following email in my InBox this morning from 2007 HP Yogini of the Year, Leslie. and, well, if my Daughter receives even one such letter from one Human Being during Her Precious Life, then Her daddy will rest happy knowing that She knows in Her cells what it feels like to be a genuine Healer, one who can touch and make plastic changes within the spiritual molding of another Human Being. i have little idea of what it’s going to be for “my” (really, Dewa is God’s daughter, not “mine”) daughter to grow up within a Dharma Protection family. however, i do know that Her inner world will surely continue to be illuminated if Abba and Amma have anything to do with anything…

Leslie – whose engaged, elder wisdom is continuously sprinkled throughout the glorious halls of the WF SanghaLounge (which has been sooooo fun recently…get in there!) is one of these majestic Human Beings graced with an innate and hard-developed talent for the one thing that ultimately matters in the Quest of Enlightenment:

Leslie had her first ever Private Session with me yesterday afternoon…

here is her response to that Session.

May your own Practice and Clan be thus inspired to Rise Higher today. this is my visualization and the catalyst for my own inner and outer workouts today…

Om So Ti,

your loving coach


Good Morning Steve,

Eeek. I’m still somewhat out of my thinking this morning. Not sure if I have EVER felt quite like this in the body – except maybe after hiking out of Grand Canyon- and come to think of it I always enjoyed that feeling – so- that said – thank you and thank you and thank you. My mind is still very calm and steady this morning which I found quite interesting. A lot of rough edges felt sanded down literally and figuratively.

Here is the Thomas Merton quote:
There is always a temptation to diddle around in the contemplative life, making itsy bitsy statues.

I was kind of surprised that I brought that up yesterday – it was not what I thought I was going to say. What I think this morning is this – it is a lot easier and safe to make itsy bitsy statues and hang out in one’s comfort zone, being comfortable, patting one’s self on the back, and telling one’s self that you are doing it…whatever that it is…and that, I think ,that is what diddling around is. And I think that anyone seriously on the road has to look at that again and again.

I’m in. And the first itsy bitsy step felt right and I will follow through with your suggestions. I’ll make the money end work. I consider it Dana* – to you and all that you do.

Blessings on your day. Les

PS I so, enjoyed watching Little Dewa sprinting across Red Fox deck –I was touched that she was ok with me picking her up. Her little smile was such sweet medicine. The Temple H(om)e looks and feels beautiful and filled with summer. Thank you both for all that you do.

* (Buddhism), the practice of generosity or giving

Photo #2; “Shakky” the WF Temple H(om)e’s backyard Buddha. photo by ilg.

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