When Broken Hearts Spill Open…

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Being positioned at the spiritual epicenter of many lives for many decades, it is not uncommon to be called upon for counseling when a Broken Heart crops up on someone’s karmic plot line.

even ‘strangers’ turn toward those of us who Do The Practice.

On July 5, 2008 my humble Temple H(om)e phone recorded no less than 4 phone calls from someone whom i did not know. This person, ED, was pretty yang in the request for me to return his phone call.

On July 6, i received no less than another 4 emails from ED, adamant that i return his phone calls.

On Jul 7, 2008, ED emailed:
Hi Steve I’m sure your really busy. I sent you an email a couple of days ago, did you get it? Let me know thanks.

Later on Jul 7, ED wrote again:
May I call you please!!

i emailed him, telling him that both Online and Phone Consultations are available.
he wrote back:

“Steve this is more of a personal matter.”

Though i had no idea who this person was, he wanted to talk about “personal matters” with a spiritual teacher? i emailed him on July 8th:

Most Noble Warrior ED

i am the head of a very humble Dharma Temple serving thousands of
noble warriors in the service of Sweat and Spirit…

i have Heard your Repeated Knocks upon my humble Temple door

how can i help you?

coach ilg

He immediately emailed me back:

“WK” my soulmate/mentor/bestfiend/loveof my life my evreything and I have separated. Steve, I have grown and learned so much from “WK”in the last 15 months but it seems to not be enough. I have such good intentions and energy 90% of the time, but I need to find the way to be positive and loving with myself so I can trully love my family and everyone around me 100% all the time . “WK” and our children mean the world to me. She has always spoke highly of you and told me you helped her grow and change into the person she is. Steve I want to do the same, why becuase its the right thing to do. i need direction learning and implementing new ways in my life so I can achieve the happiness “WK” and you have.

“WK’s” love is amazing and if I can learn and grow I can only imagine how much happiness everyone can have together. I want to be impeccable with my word/don’t take things personally/never assume and always try to do my best. This I hope will help me become a good warrior. Any advice or insight you may have is greatly appreciated. FYI i have started going back to my therapist and reading much more as well as doing everything I can to elimante negitivity from my world. Thank you so much for your time efforts and compassion.

p.s sent from my iPhone sorry for the layout grammar etc. Hope Mother & Daughter and of course Dad are all well.

i finally connected the dots. i now knew who he was…a boyfriend of one of my
LA students. i had dinner with them once.
i wrote back:

Most Noble Fitness Warrior ED

our only true Soulmate is God.

Beautiful “WK” is a lovely, powerful conduit of God.

you have lost nothing
gained much.
this is less about Love
than it is about Attachment.

as a spiritual teacher,
i really don’t have much to say personally to you
for i know in my Heart of Hearts
that regardless of how “broken” your Heart feels,
Hearts can never break, except wide open
and anything that opens widely
can accept even tremendously difficult circumstances
with poise, gratitude, and
best of all,
broken hearts
are empowered

if you wish to work professionally with this very
powerful spiritual threshold,
ilg is right Here Now for you…

just know this much:

from Love you were created,
by Love you are sustained,
and into Love you will return.

practice hard,
breathe softly,
know that Love Is All There Really Is.

May this help you during this difficult,
and vital time
for your karmic ascendency
toward your Highest Summit…

head bowed,
heart open…

coach ilg

NOTE: as a Wholeness Professional, Dharma Protector, and an ordained minister, Coach is always available for counseling of Matters of the Heart and Spirit through Phone or Online consultations:

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