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my Red Rock Racing Team here in Flag…though ilg has been MIA on the bike racing circuit this summer as i’ve swapped my cleats for running shoes*, my team has been cranking the summer sweat big time. Congrats RRR Teammates! Can’t wait to race with you again!!!…hey, is it just me or am i turning more Asiatic as the years pass? Front row between the kids!) photo by Sara Dillavou


Growing up, i thrived on memorizing poems and sacred scripture excerpts, and quotes that stirred my Chi. surviving (barely) the eighties as a sponsored extreme athlete (synonymous with ‘extreme partying’), has pretty much deleted most of my memorization skills. however, many of the Chi quotes still stick to my cells and pop up during high-intensity silence or sweat sessions. it with great honor that i begin sprinkling your own Practice with these pivotal sayings which graced my own Chi Development…use them with your Highest Integrity and they will empower your Path…

“If you are not leaning,
no one will ever let you down.”

“If you let other people do it for you,
they will do it to you.”

“99% responsibility doesn’t work.”

– Dr. Robert Anthony


“No person does injustice to their Teacher if
they forever remain a student.”
– Nietzche


The hardest move a climber can make is to
do a difficult route & not tell anyone.”
– John Stannard


“The harder I work,
the luckier I get.”
– Dr. Robert Anthony



HP Yoga Devotee, Jerry Albei of So Cal, sent into Tribal Headquarters these pics of his killer tat…

now, the only go(o)d tat in my book?
is one which can DANCE as the owner of it flexes!


(see bio on website for my race results thus far)

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