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PRANIC JUNKIE, new release by steve ilg


Delved in to your book a bit last night before bed. Very nice! I particularly enjoyed reading the story of your journey to LA and back again.

Student Singer



Congratulations on your beautiful new book. I was pleasantly surprised to see a copy of it on our desk as I arrived at work this week. Of course I have yet had the opportunity to get my hands on it to read, but I was permitted to touch it and gaze upon it. 😉

Whlie I was gazing I casually flipped the book over. My mouth dropped open to see what was on the back cover. What a wonderful discovery!
My beloved was even more surprised and very touched.

Thanks for the Chi Hit!



Hey Coach:

O….M….G! I just received your PRANIC JUNKIE book and I am all the way through to Insight #15 – relationships… You are so right!

I want to come out to see you guys next spring. I want to be the glow of your presence again (it has been too long) and see your beautiful family. I am so happy for you.

Thank you for your wisdom and strength and gift of faith – I now embark on the next part of my life, knowing (more) who I am and what I seek…There are no mistakes, just lessons and I am learning how to trust where I am going, without too many questions or judgements.

Your book has been such a gift already in the first hour that I have held it in my hands. I am great-ful to you beyond words.

Sincerely and humbly yours,
Chicago, IL

Hi Steve,

Congrats on the new book! I was just reading some of the TBT book and it really makes me feel honored that I can call you one of my friends! hope that you Joy and Dewa are all very healthy and happy.

With love, your friend and admirer,
Durango, CO



I always feel soooo good after your yoga classes!

It’s funny too… I’ve started bouldering recently. I need to do something with all this ‘pesky upper body strength’ that I’ve gained from HP yoga! So if you’re ever going out give me a call — I’d love to tag along.

See you in class…


editor note; (Kristen is a pro cyclist, thus her very funny remark about ‘pesky upper body strength’!! love it!)


What an inspiration the description of your Hopi running experiences on DL has been. I really have not watched the Olympics this year mainly because of the way the American broadcasters cover it and focus on the stars that the corporations will make money from which is disillusioning and of course the Tibet issue, it just does not make me excited to watch them. I have started a blog, http://diaryofachicagoslacker.blogspot.com/ ,I am on my slow path to holistic health. But when I read about your pain issues, I do feel like a slacker not pushing myself that extra little bit, but some of my old clothes are fitting me now so that is at least a sign of progress. When my financial situation gets back on track I do hope to get out for a private session weekend, hopefully before Dewa goes to high school.

Anyways, the great descriptions of your Hopi races gives me a little taste of the southwest even if I can’t get out there ….And reading DL everyday(or I try to) helps move me a little bit more out of slackerdom!!!!
Chicago, IL


feeding off of the latest DL‘s!
looking forward to the reading of PRANIC JUNKIE!





Many thanks for HP Yoga class last night: it allowed me access into my breath in ways I hadn’t previously experienced. My thoughts flew randomly in “corpse pose” and during the class I felt my concentration wasn’t as focused as possible, but after class I was so privately engrossed, it took me many hours to entirely emerge.

With gratitude and humility,



Dear Coach,

As the spring buds, my practice evolves. It has become less of a new
experience, and more of a way of life. I cannot imagine life without
Wholistic Fitness. I am so lucky to have found such a powerful and
healthful way of life.

I spent the last few days with some work mates, three men, geologists like
me, all overweight, all huge meat eaters. Two of the three are former
alcoholics. They all skip breakfast and lunch and then eat chicken fried
steak for dinner. Their caoloric intake is less than mine, and yet their
waistlines are huge. They look at me strangely as I consistently choose
not to have meat, and scarf down lunches as they smoke ther cigarettes. A
sorry state of affairs. And yet they are extremely intelligent and
successful people. Very similar paths as I. I don’t get it and neither
do they. I can only hope that being with me, they are inspired to make
healthier choices. I love them still.

I awoke this morning long before others, and went through my WF Early Morning Ritual DVD and Green
in my motel room. My day has remained light and energized.

warrior tobe
Steamboat Springs, CO


Dear Coach ~

Did it! The “Impossible Panther” 12 hour adventure race is in the books. Started out at 7 am with a 4 mile climb up 900’ Morrow Mountain and ended at 6:52 pm crossing the line after a 45 minute mad dash on bikes, a furious paddle across the river and hauling the canoes (one more time) up to the finish line.

As a newbie, i got a couple of hours off during the paddle section. All told, it was probably 9 hours of racin’ for me. i hung in there, kept up, finished strong, felt pretty darn good afterwards and felt fine Sunday and Monday.


shishya tc


I thank you, Steve.
My body thanks you, Steve.
And, most of all, my mind thanks you, Steve.

I have never been quite so motivated by a “class” before. In a few short weeks, your HP yoga classes, along with the fabled, Thursday night “butt-kicking Prop Class”, have had a direct and profound impact on my fitness regime. In AND out of class, I feel BETTER. I feel stronger; physically, but MENTALLY stronger as well. I’ve seen myself running further and faster and finding strength when I thought that I was spent. I push myself to a level in class that I never thought I could go to. On occasion, I have found myself in/near tears in class — not in pain, but surrounded by more motivation and more energy than I ever thought I could muster. It’s amazing, really. You’re amazing. Thank you for helping me to find this in myself and I look forward to continuing to make progress through your techniques.

I bow to you, from this blissful state of fatigue and sweat. May you know how wonderful you are, and how happy I am that YOU’RE here.


Megan Burnett


I’ve been following your thoughts and teachings now for a year, since I picked up Total Body Transformation.
I decided that I want to take the practice to the next level, so I’m starting with SUNRIDER HERBS!

It’s been a great season so far – IM Arizona, 1st place in every division in both a 12hr and 24hr Adventure race, top 5 in a couple duathlons. And, to some extent because of your writings, I’ve ventured into some mtb races that have kicked my ass and humbled me.

Please keep doing what you do, we depend on you for that.

Very cute kid, by the way.

New Jersey


Dearest Guruji,
Thank you for another brilliant session of HP Yoga this evening.
I returned home full of energy – and (as always) in awe of your impact on my physical and spiritual body.

See you in class tomorrow!

Om Tat Sat,


Dear Coach,

Thank you for the guidance. By the way, DL is vibing high!! I love it!!

Head bowed,




Coach I realize I am working on peeling layers…. (the ego is a tough sum bitch!) I do want to live w/ less suffering, more compassion and experience some sort of real liberation from the bullshit I let happen (see fall from WF). I know I can but the ego pushes the doubts and old behaviors for sure. I am training hard, haven’t had any alcohol in almost 6 months. This year I have put in many miles, ST, Yoga and finally gotten back into bike racing…not sure if I am satisfying my ego or using it to break my ego which is my real effort….anyway I guess I will find out soon as I stepped up big time for a 100 miler….see….Tahoe Sierra 100

I would very much like to wear your
WF Blessed Training Mala
soaked in your spirit and strength…

Thank you very much Coach Ilg.


Student SJ


Coach Ilg,
Thank you for your recent DL’s on your Hopi time….dang man, really thank you for sharing.

Not sure why and it doesn’t matter but it moved me literally to tears right now…the kindness exchanged and felt from your Hopi family…

the depth in which you feel, see and share….I feel fortunate to read your writing and that you share. Rockin me bro, chi hits to the max!

Up, up and in. Wow.

Humbly a student,


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