Dear Coach,

i have followed your Teachings since 1993 and think you are the most genuine Teacher, coach, yoga instructor out there; thank you for teaching us how to be brave…your DL of of few years ago about “Worshipping Fearlessness,” changed my life. Thanks to you, I know attack my weaknesses and lazy habits with a Warrior’s mindset and even though i fail more often than I succeed, I have learned to accept your other great Teaching:

“Just Begin Again, and Again…and Endlessly Again!

Om Namah El Coache!”

Trina, MD


Dear Coach,

My question has to do with Allergies. I have horrible allergies and absolutely hate the side effects of all the different types of allergy medications I try. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be happy to pay you for a consultation.”

– Jim, MN

Namaste Jim,

i doubt you or many other people “have allergies.”

i do doubt however, that you “have an Early Morning Ritual” combined with being on the

Sunrider Herbs which, over the course

of nearly 3 decades has erased or managed “allergy sufferers.”

get my:

Early Morning Ritual

follow it steadily for 3 Months;

1st Month for Shiva,

2nd Month for Brahman,


3rd Month for Vishnu.

then send me an Update and i will offer you a complimentary guidance in reward for your steadfast Practice.

Jao, Noble Warrior!!! and Rise Above the Allergy Reality!!!

head bowed,



Guruji Ilg,

My doctor says I have insomnia and has me on these medications which I really don’t like and I think I am experiencing a “Wake Up Call” to your Teachings which I have always been curious about yet too scared to begin. When I go to bed, my mind just races on and on. My doctor says that I have too many micro-arousals during my daily life. Over the past few years I have built a tolerance to sleeping pills and, oh, Guruji! Help!”

– Clark, CA

Most Precious Warrior Clark,

first, any doctor who prescribes medication instead of meditation for you should be questioned. Catchy Word-Choice of the spiritually ignorant; Micro Arousals! feeble ilg asks, “Whatever happened to “Macro Serenity”!?

the mind that races at bedtime is the mind addicted to thinking.

the mind that races at bedtime is not yet the friend of its Master.

the mind that races at bedtime is not the Higher Mind (Buddhi).

it is the Lower Mind (manas).

teach the Manas to more fully digest the circumstances of your daily life.

teach the Manas not to chop up the fluid beauty of the Gunas (the waves of life) into

‘good things,’ and ‘bad things.’

teach the Manas to enjoy Witnessing the flow of your daily life in the way a police officer directs traffic at an intersection whose ‘light’ is out.

for that is what has happened to your mind;

your Higher Light (the non-dualistic Buddhi Mind) has gone out

and your brain traffic is running amok.

WF offers you many wonderful meditation CD’s, Rituals, and Practices to slowly and

exquisitely and safely start calming your Manas

and amplifying your Buddhi Light!

Take up thy Noble Dharma Sword, Oh Busy-Minded One, and Return to your natural, omnipotent State of Calm Abiding…Serenity is your Incarnated Right!

Om So Ti,

coach ilg

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