Wake Me Up When It’s Over…

Published on Sep 27, 2008 by in Racing


okay gang…

new daddy here is gonna toe another Start Line tomorrow:

i’m doing the 10k race of the
Flagstaff Marathon

i tried to ‘jog through’ this new course the day before yesterday…uh, yeah right…my “jog through” saw my heart rate to 183, i re-pulled the hamstring injury from the Hopi Races (which did not, miraculously, even flare up once during the 7-mile descent to Telluride from the top of Imogene Pass a few weekends ago!), and i barely finished in an hour!

the course is terrific, is what i’m saying…perfectly suited to a Nordic Center’s version of a running race…the entire race is on single-track, cross-country, and dirt roads. Elevation gain is 450 feet for the 10Km loop from 8000 feet to 8600 feet above sea level. The marathon version has been described as the most scenic and difficult marathon in the Southwest.

last year, i somehow managed a 3rd Overall…i recall that amazing race; i was still on a Divine High from Dewa’s birth just a couple weeks earlier.

this year?

uh…as any new daddy of a one year-old knows;
it’s a marathon just to toe the Start Line of a 10k!

however, us WF Warriors do not race to win medals;
we race to know ourselves…to deepen our sense of Self and Spirit via the breath and pain.

tomorrow? there’s gonna be a WHOLE lot of hurtin’ for my Higher Self…

wish your ol’ coach some Chi and i’ll update you asap!

oh yeah, tonight i went to Coach Jack Daniels lecture…Coach Daniels was voted “Coach Of The Year,” by RUNNER’S WORLD Magazine…i gotta remember to tell you about it…

right now,
i’ve got to pull my SUNRIDER HERBS, MAP Aminos, cycling gear (i’m ridin’ to the Start Line) and running gear together…

living the life of Start Lines,
cuz that’s what happens when you live a life
of Beginning Again, and Again, and Endlessly…Again!

from the starlit ponderosa,
i bid you all
go(o)d night…


the mountain yogi

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