Yet another Podium for WF!
Roberto Crespo, center, shows off his well-earned ‘heavy metal’ on the podium at one of my former race/pilgrimages; The Furnace Creek 508. click here at Chris Kostman’s website; AdventureCorps.com for more. (in fact, if you watch the scrolling pics on that website, you’ll see your ol’ coach awaiting a hand off from Keith Kostman and Ragin’ RJ all bonkers during an earlier version of that race!)

photos courtesy AdventureCorps.com

WF Devotee Roberto I. Crespo, of the
Pasadena Triathlon Club is all GO! before the Start Line of the Furnace Creek 508 (mile) bike race through Death Valley…he sent me his Race Report below…CONGRATULATIONS NOBLE WARRIOR RC!

Namaste Coaches Ilg and RJ,

Just wanted to pass along thanks to you both, using the tools that I learned from you my team and I successfully completed our second 508 last weekend. I rode stages 1 & 5 this year and had a few memorable moments in the saddle:

– I hit 55.2mph coming dropping down into the Mojave…….pure adrenaline meets intense focus
– I cranked the final 12 miles of Stage 1 in 20 minutes, never letting the speedo dip below 35mph….mula bandha engaged and very ‘in the zone’….
– I watched the sunrise over the desert on Sunday morning while in the saddle…..no words can capture that moment

El Coache, as always I kept coming back to your words “where are you at Yogi…..your focus should lie in 2 places….mula bandha and in the breath”. Om Mani Padme Hung

My team and I kept things light, fun, and relaxed. We had a memorable time and are much closer for those hours in the van and in the saddle. To top it off we finished 3rd yet again (out of 10 teams) and shaved a solid hour off of last years time.

Begin again, endlessly.

Roberto I. Crespo

Pasadena Triathlon Club

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