There are so many paradoxes during this time of the year.
Balance is difficult to find.
Some, who’ve not had the Blessing of Dharma Teachers,
don’t even try.

We sometimes plunge ahead into the turbulence of the Outer World,
sacrificing the Inner Whispers of Christ’s Calling to us
through our Intuitive Wisdom.

Yogi’s and parents have an advantage during this time of
the year to deepen our Practice. the advantages are these;

Trained in the Art of Listening,
Letting go over and over again of Attachment,
we can – at times –
find within our attempts of developing skillful suppleness;
great strength.

we discover great power in adaptation and thus
release into an acceptance of the Tao – whether we know it as such or not.

perhaps most rewarding to ourselves and thus to our children and
anyone in front of us at any given time,
find that
Mistakes create Mastery,
Failure gives birth to Success,
Confusion is the fertile terrain of Clarity,
in the endless task of Letting Go
rejoice in what a great Yogi known as Jesus Christ
gifted all of us:
Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

Yogi Jesus, who dissolved into the Path Luminosity
so His Light
remains forever within us,
taught us very simple things which we often, sadly, must grapple away from
the gnarled limbs of “religion”:

to look with Loving Compassion into the eyes
of those who drive spikes into our bodies,
stab us with poisoned arrows in front of our own mother,
intensely ridicule our Being with a crown of thorns
never, ever
let the opinions of Others or the Outer World
interfere with your Love of that which is Go(o)d;
which is everything and everybeing.

Yogi Jesus taught us the WF Maxim:
“Elegance in difficulty.”

Out beyond the fields of insanity of His now commercialized
Yogi Jesus dances His amazingly resplendent Light
within our Highest Self…
within our Highest Connection with Go(o)d…

Buried within the most painful experiences,
Lurking within the most difficult of times,
so many
precious Gems,
precious, immutable Rays of His Light.

May you, Oh Noble Seeker of Wholeness,
use His Light Within,
and find Practice within each m(om)ent,
to stay Balanced

click here to meditate to a living Light of Christ,
then enjoy the following pictures:


May your Practice please your Lord…
May you not let the false demands of an overly
active world claim the peace of your child (your inner or outer one).

Continual input and stimulation of our senses
without the balance of solo silence
creates a chaotic interbeing.

so, my coaching counsel to you, Oh Noble Yogi,
during these next few days
does not deviate too much from what i’ve
been teaching you all along;

watch your Breath and Posture,
attend to your spoken and inner Word Choices,
observe your Mindstream,
Make your Actions Appropriate to self cultivation
and most of all,
do what Yogi Jesus did;
Serve the Being in front of you
be it a chicken,
or tormentor,
or disciple,
or enemy
or friend
or lover
or the flow of circumstance.

Serve the Being in front of you
to make each day
a (W)holy Day.

May you become the beauty of the moonlight upon freshly fallen snows…

in Christ Appreciation and Awe of Yogi Jesus’s beautiful Sadhana…
may the Lights of Bethlehem shine
within and without…

your feeble teacher

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