The Joyful Breath RETURNS!!!

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Our Temple’s Great Saint; Joy “Ananda” Kilpatrick…16 months after giving natural childbirth at age 40, this Movie Star Turned Mountain Mamma is teaching “Mommy & Me” Yoga classes, HP Yoga Classes, training Wholistic Fitness style, and running WF Temple Business while raising our Daughter in the country without Day Care, Babysitters, or Pre-School. She has now returned to authoring her popular blog;
The Joyful Breath

photo of Joy taken yesterday by:

Outside the WF Temple each day,
the Sacred Peak vibrates an unspeakably beautiful
and powerful pranic dosage fit for Gods.

what feeble ilg fails to mention enough is that
INSIDE your WF Temple H(om)e there is an equally
beautiful and powerful radiance in the form of a
great saint i have chosen to live with and attempt
to caretake a daughter…

her name is Joy Kilpatrick.
i call her, Ananda.
that’s short for “MahaMaitreyaAnandaMayiMa“…which is
the first name that popped into my head when i
first took Joy’s yoga class in Los Angeles where we met
(this time around).

my name for her basically means, Great Mother of Deeply Earned Bliss.
and take it from me who lives with this remarkable Being each day;
she IS a great saint!

at least to and for me.

some of you know a little bit about my checkered left-handed tantric rascally,
extreme sport bum of a sordid spiritual past. i mean, i had to create an
entire Science of Personal Wholeness and gather all sorts of great souls
like you all
just to keep me

1) alive
2) spiritually straightening out.

ilg is acutely aware of my innumerable and peculiar deficiencies…
afflictions from which i ATTEMPT to become a better teacher for you.

Ananda, however, does not live with such spiritual toxicity as i.
in fact, She lives VERY close to the Pran…

photo of Joy in utthitapadavasisthasana taken yesterday by:

she does not drink.
she does not smoke or do drugs.
she was never promiscuous in any sense of the word.
she couldn’t afford to be.
she was busy trying to survive a childhood that,
wasn’t pretty, nor protected, nor happy.

Through all of that, Joy never ever lost Her roots which
were deeply sunk in basic go(o)dness and natural

a naturally elegant Western sage, Joy’s presence is a delight to be around.
photo by coach, Sierra Nevada, 2004

Her story from childhood to Movie Star is the stuff of dreams,
resiliency, and spiritual fortitude.

and now, She is Blessed by a Rinpoche of a Daughter whose own
Radiant Light is the stuff of Scriptures.

it is my deep honor to have Ananda’s blog:
The Joyful Breath
reappear on my list of Approved Blogs.

for those of you unfamiliar with Joy’s blog, i’ll give you a hint:
you’ll need to read between the lines of her simple words,
for Joy is incredibly, almost painfully humble about herself,
though she is a fierce defender of the Dharma.

if you are Blessed enough to live near or visit the Sacred Peak and can take
Joy’s HP Yoga Classes, it is like nursing at the teat of the Divine.

a treasured Soul
is ‘my’ Ananda…
mother of ‘my’ Dewachen…
and stalwart spiritual soulmate
through It All.

do your own Soul a blessing and check in with
The Joyful Breath
once a week…
i TAF She is trying to do a new column biweekly,
then, eventually, weekly as previously authored.

Om Nama MahaMaitreyaAnandaMayiMa!
from our personal summits we found each other,
and onto our spiritual summits we climb!
i love you!

head humbly and lovingly bowed,
the spiritual rascal ilg

above photo; the summit of Mt. Taylor (11,301′), 2005. ilg archives.

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