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back in the day when SUNRIDER was just gaining a foothold in America through Dr. Chen’s solo efforts, this is the product we early SUNRIDER’s used in our Calli and Fortune Delight. to this day, i actually still prefer it to its later incarnation; SUNNY DEW. back then, the FDA did not allow Stevia to be consumed internally…i guess the fact that most of the rest of the indigenous cultures of the world from pre-historic times relied upon it did not matter. since you couldn’t put a patent on an herb, the FDA refused Dr. Chen to allow this herb, Stevia, to be taken internally. so, back then, Dr. Chen crafted a nifty side-around. He said, “Fine then,” and told the FDA that we did not eat SUNECTAR (which was nearly Stevia straight line). “We mix it with our other product, Redmond Clay, and apply it as a facial mask.” In fact, the facial mask worked fantastic (i’ve used SUNECTAR professionally and have seen it make warts and even moles disappear!)…although, we all knew a deeper reason to keep SUNECTAR in our cupboard! Dr. Chen would eventually spend millions of his own money to push forward the legislation to approve STEVIA for internal consumption. Nowdays, i see so many Stevia products on the shelves and wonder how many even realize or thank Dr. Chen for his Noble Effort and putting his own money on the line for the health of us all…

According to the SUNRIDER website:

SUNECTAR® Stevia rebaudiana bertoni is a plant belonging to the chrysanthemum family. It is native to South America. Stevia leaves have been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples who added it to bitter medicines and teas.

Stevia is a remarkable herb that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*

Sunectar® supplement is a great choice for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

You all recognize this most popular and useful SUNRIDER herbal concentrate, don’t you? just a few drop into our Calli and Fortune Delight keep our blood sugar levels stabilized and our Calli and Fortune Delight tasting oh soooo perfect!

From the SUNRIDER website:


The indigenous peoples of South America have used stevia leaves for centuries in their medicines and teas. Stevia is a remarkable herb that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*

Sunny Dew® supplement is a potent blend of stevia leaf extract and chrysanthemum flowers. Other brands commonly use a chemical reaction to process stevia, altering its natural structure. However, the stevia in SunnyDew® undergoes a unique purifying and concentration process that preserves the natural structure found in its whole food form.

Highly concentrated and all natural, SunnyDew® is an excellent supplement to your diet to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.*

A Guest DL
by Trish Childers
group upline director of the ILG SUNRIDER CLAN

The “Talk of the Day” seems to be about STEVIA! I was at the health food store & found a couple of samples in my bag when I got home. Stevia was talked about at a garden club meeting the other day, and everyone got really excited about it’s possibilities, as well they should. Stevia is a pretty potent herb, and even more powerful when manufactured to it’s highest potential.

So, I decided to pull out some history and research on Sunrider’s formulation of stevia, which was originally called Trusweet.One piece I found was called “Technical Bulletin #8202”, Trusweet Extract; published in 1983, and another piece written by DR Chen in 1984.

The bulletin gave an outline of DR Chen’s research & the history of this sweet herb. Our Stevia product is an extract of the herb Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni, which has been used for centuries by the natives of Paraguay & Brazil as a sweetener for drinks & foods. The substance for the plant’s sweetness, diterpene glycoside, was isolated about 60 years ago, and it’s chemical structure was identified in 1963.

The Japanese began importing Stevia from Paraguay in 1970 & from Brazil in 1971. They began extensive research on its properties & today Stevia is widely used in Japan as a primary sweetener in soft drinks, juices, deserts and dozens of other food products. Studies found that Stevia supports the function of the gastrointestinal track, helped with the regulation of blood pressure & the regulation of weight-managing functions. Unlike other sugars, it does not cause hyper- or hypoglycemic responses or put a burden on the adrenal glands.

DR Chen also began investigating Stevia following a visit to Paraguay in 1971. He established residency in both Paraguay & Brazil in order to facilitate his research. His research went a step further than the Japanese, in that he was able to use non-chemical extraction techniques from ancient herbal manuscripts.

But, the really unique thing that Chen created was a product with an indefinite shelf life. It contains no preservatives and is “self-preserving” due to Chen’s unique extraction method, which creates osmotic conditions opposed to those that support bacterial life. In other words, bacteria are unable to feed themselves. And since Stevia naturally possesses properties that also suppress bacterial growth, adding Chen’s extraction & concentration method of Stevia makes it ideal for the prevention of cavities.

Speaking of concentration, did you know that SR uses about 2,500 gallons of Stevia liquid to make just 20 gallons of Sunny Dew? Sweet huh! But, the real clincher: Stevia sweetens without calories…it’s about as fattening as drinking water! Wonder what the concentration factor is in the health food store’s stevia?

And, did I mention the taste? I tried the health food store brand, which gave a choice of organic or non-organic, both were sweet on the tongue, but had an odd aftertaste. If you use the raw stevia herb, well it will take a lot to produce even a fraction of what SR produces in one little bottle. Plus, SR’s has no aftertaste, and all our products are organic! The real test was feeding it to my dogs. I sprinkled a small amount in their water dish, which they would not drink. Then I put a couple of drops of SR’s stevia (Sunny Dew) & they drank it right up.

In 1984 NutraSweet’s (aspartame) creators: G.D. Searle made a phone call to the FDA & pressured them into placing a band on all imports of the Stevia herb. They said that this little herb was a serious threat to the $700 + million dollar a year sugar industry. So, they did. Well, they were correct, Sunrider’s Trusweet & the Stevia herb made hugh impact on the U.S. market!

The FDA blocked the import of Stevia, especially to Sunrider & issued demands that they stop production of Trusweet. In 1984 Dr Chen issued a letter stating all production of Trusweet had been stopped. But, were we without this precious herb? Nope. Chen changed the formula & the name & sold it as a “skincare product” called Suncare, making it even better than before.

This was possible because research that the FDA did support had shown that stevia possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties. Yes, I use it on many cuts & scrapes even today. Got a funky thing growing on your body? Use Stevia!

The FDA stonewalled a 1992 petition by the American Herbal Association to allow Stevia usage. But, after years of lobbing, Congress passed the Health Supplements Act. Sunrider again petitioned the FDA to lift it’s ban, allowing SR to once again import, manufacture & sell Stevia as a food supplement under a new name…Sunector. Followed a few years later by a new version of the formula called Sunny Dew, the product I enjoy everyday…as I count my drops into my Fortune Delight.

Because of different governmental policies, our Stevia product has different names in different countries. I don’t care what Chen calls it, so long as I can get it!

Stevia…a nearly perfect herb, it is non-caloric, fungus & bacteria fighting, 30 to 40 times sweeter than sugar with no side effects. And, today many other Sunrider products also contain Stevia extract, such as the skin care products.

I love Sunny Dew in all my cold drinks & foods. And, I love Sunector in all my Calli & hot drinks. My dogs seem to prefer Sunny Dew, but they like both products.Which is your favorite?

Have a super Stevia Day…

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