“If my 16 month-old Dewachen can trust in the UniVerse to JUMP into new terrain at nearly every given moment, i KNOW you can JUMP into the SUNRIDER Herbal Temple for at least a 6-month nutritional experience of a lifetime!” –

Gymnastic training with Dewa. photo by Ananda. Visit New Daddy Ilg’s newly updated SUNRIDER Royal Herb website!

Namaste Noble Seekers of Wholeness,

i just updated
and have included vital information for you warriors that
STILL have yet to enter the Sacred Temple Herb Garden of WF!

if you seek
a loss of bodyfat,
a diamond-hard physique capable of reversing chronologic age while providing the highest and most fun vehicle for your Spirit,
or even one heaven of a GREAT part-time job while truly, profoundly helping others while nourishing yourself and your Soul?…

then, please read the entire updated material.

i, and my worldwide Tribe of SUNRIDER Herbal Warriors, look forward to ‘seeing you’ in our special Cave in the WF SanghaLounge…
MY COMPLIMENTARY, 24/7 Guidance of your SUNRIDER JOURNEY comes with your Membership in my Downline!

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