WF Devotee Suet and her husband Ian, shown here at their wedding. Suet made the bookmark for the birth of Dewachen…below, i received this letter from Ian straight from a London hospital where Suet gave birth to their first child…this oughta inspire ALL of us!!!


Namaste Coaches,

I write on behalf of Suet who is in her confinement period and unable to access the internet.

As you have guessed Suet and I have been blessed with a beautiful boy which we have named “Keenan Jian Xin Chan”. Keenan was born wednesday 25th February at 04:56 and weighed 2.635kg’s. Keenan was born on exactly 38 weeks into the pregnancy, feet first and with his eyes wide open. Keenan was in a breach position whilst inside Suet which was why we were unable to go to our first choice which was the birthing center. We ended up inside a hospital where to staff were overly concerned with science and a “normal” birth. The staff although polite were constantly trying to persuade us, then Suet and then me to go for a caesarean. It seemed at times quite intimidating and like emotional blackmail, but we stuck to our faith and continued to opt for a vaginal birth, much to the distress of the nurses.

Suet strongly believes the the WF Deities have protected us throughout the entire birthing process. Also Suet remembers whilst giving birth Coach Ananda’s warm words of encouragement for a natural birth to a strong baby.

Keenan, Suet and I are in debt to you both for your valuable advice and support. We believe the MAP Amino Acids provided Keenan with a remarkable foundation or inner strength that even managed to amaze the hospital staff. Keenan at times has shown incredible progress and resilience for one so small. We also are grateful for your wisdom and concern which we both hold with respect and trust.

Suet has informed me of a consultation which as yet remains unpaid. Please would you be so kind as to bill us for all consultations and I will make the payment ASAP. Additionally as a gesture of gratitude and support, we would like to offer a tithe through your website which I plan to make within the next few weeks.

I’m sure Suet will be back in touch with you both as soon as she feels ready to go out once more. I’d like to thank you for your wisdom, advice and support. It has given us all a valuable start to family life.



Most Precious Ian and Suet and Keenan (welcome to the world of forms, Keenan!),

you be sure to tell Suet that coach says, “GREAT, GREAT, GREAT JOB on the Divine Workout! Way to stick to your Highest Trust!”

you all three are of course Protected,
and endlessly shall be within this humble, powerful Path…
this is because your Trust in us and your Practice is strong and sincere.

no payment needed.
just send pictures!

the WF Tithing Link can always be found in the WF Online Pro Shop,
last item under Special Products.

remembrance of God
creates an attitude of devotion…

coach steve ilg

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