God i love my Calling.

Feeble ilg has met sooooo many AMAZING people during these decades of doing my best to, as Rumi says,

Just be what i love to do.

meet Sue B.

talk about being Tapped In!

whenever someone makes the Wisdom Call to sign up with me in the SUNRIDER Herbs, i get a note from SUNRIDER congratulating me. well, let me assure you, it is ilg that benefits as much as does the person who is wise enough to start eating these innocent, powerful, regenerative whole-foods.

when i sent Sue my own Welcome Letter, i often ask how it was that they came to sign up under me…check out what this beautiful Being wrote:

Namaste Coach!

To answer your question i signed up under you because I trust the depth of your ego slaying wisdom!

I started with your book Total Body Transformation (i just finished the Cosmic Yang program) then purchased HP YOGA BASIC STRENGTH DVD. i realized there would be another step to take with WF and so when I finally got the word from The Nudge, what i call my inner guidance system, i knew it ‘was time for the herbs…’ so here i am!!!

i look forward trying Sunrider and will be placing an order but i was wondering if I can eliminate Sunny Dew. i do not use anything in my drinks and if sweetness is Sunny Dew’s purpose i would rather not order it saving the money for other products.


Once I receive the herbs should I stop taking the supplements i’m using now?

Thank you Coach!!! i look forward to more WF!!!


Sue’s Web Page

” Wilderness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”

Terry Tempest Williams


kinda hard to go wrong with a TTW quote as your sign off. Sue, welcome, welcome, welcome…oh, and to answer your questions, Sue?

Sunny Dew is far from just being the planets best plant as a non-blood sugar spiking sweetner. SunnyDew® is the world’s first Stevia formula to be accepted by the FDA after Dr. Chen (founder of SUNRIDER) himself spent several MILLIONS of his OWN DOLLARS desperately trying to get FDA approval for this herb which indigenous peoples of South America have used for centuries in their medicines and teas. Stevia is a remarkable herb that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*

Back in ‘the day’ those of us in SUNRIDER never had SunnyDew. we enjoyed it’s precursor product, called SunNectar, which is still available. SunNectar is less sweet than SunnyDew and is more temperature-finicky…it tends to clog up. However, using either is vital whenever you drink either Fortune Delight or Calli Beverages; the two work symbiotically to ensure the Cleansing and Fat Loss properties of the herbs.

From the SUNRIDER Website:

Sunny Dew® supplement is a potent blend of stevia leaf extract and chrysanthemum flowers. Other brands commonly use a chemical reaction to process stevia, altering its natural structure. However, the stevia in SunnyDew® undergoes a unique purifying and concentration process that preserves the natural structure found in its whole food form.

Highly concentrated and all natural, SunnyDew® is an excellent supplement to your diet to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.*

and YES!!! once you get onto the Secret Herbs of Wholistic Fitness®?

ditch all the isolated nutrients from your supplements and experience what it feels like to have world-class concentrated and anciently formulated whole food herbs as your nutritional core!

Still need to step up to the SUNRIDER Herbs? look right for my sign up info or better yet, click here for COACH’s SUNRIDER WEBSITE and join Sue and hundreds of others in the Ilg Downline today! We Crank because we Care.

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