MahaYogi Buddha taught,
“Living within a mortal body is like living in a house on fire.”

when faced with their own Bardo M(om)ent…fitness warriors around the world – some of whom used to criticize and make fun of my Wholistic methods – suddenly contact me as the once-solid illusion of their bodies and minds begins to crumble. they don’t call CrossFit® or CTS® or the owner of Chi Running®…scared and confused, they Knock on the Temple Doors of WF…the highest, most humble, most aggressively natural healing Temple of Transpersonal Fitness ever created on Turtle Island…

Student T is not one such scared, confused seeker;
he is a Noble Finder and long-time WF Devotee.
his Clarity instead of Confusion
as he was diagnosed with deep Cancer
is an absolute stunning Shock of Inspiration for all of us…

worship this Warrior’s Words
uttered straight from the Battlefield of Cancer:

EXCERPTED FROM PRIVATE Teacher/Student Counsel from my Inbox today; do not republish:

Brother Steve:

Finished last part of the surgery today, biopsy bresults tomorrow.

Surgeon asked, do you have any questions? I had one. “When can I Sweat?”

(as in sweat and stillness)

Stopped him cold.

His medicine is with the knife and the pill.

Mine is with my mind and my heart.

He replied, “I don’t know.”

Well, tomorrow we start back on the sweat again (not capitalized). He prescribed Vicodin for the pain. He made his exit when I told him I have never taken a pain pill, I prefer a reality pill (ie, enjoy the present moment). I am not kidding that 71 days into this diagnosis I am stronger mentally then I have ever been.

Now here is the good news…all my opacities are gone or are going, lungs are getting clearer..my use of the Ilg prescribed Boomerang Run® has helped tremendously..I have been pushing my lungs and heartbeat so fucking hard…my lymph nodes have been a little more stubborn…though…

I bow down to your silent powerful teachings.

I am busted on the dough; I need to strategically purchase one or two Sunrider herbs for cell regen and life force.

If you had $100 bucks and everyone betting against you, what would you buy?

See you in the sangha.

I am grateful for your presence in my life.



Noble T,
Bless the cancer; for the spiritual tenacity that you are so vividly putting into Appropriate Action is rocketing you past frieghtloads of black karma –
feeble ilg bows before the Mighty Warrior T…
you just better leave some astral breadcrumbs for me and my merry band of WF Warriors to follow you
into Dewachen!

$100 with SUNRIDER to fight the Noble Fight against Cancer?

Alpha 20C
name stands for: the 20th letter in the alphabet is “T”. this formula packs up the T-Cell Immunity like no other.
in fact, it’s so successful in the fight against Cancer and other dis-eases (Mrs. Chen used it to kick the wholly crap out of her
Cancer battle) that he sells it in 5lb bulk containers for only $232…can’t even get a damned x-ray for that much in the Western side of things!

Product Code # 191505 is your call. Order 2…you’ll be getting 20 5gm packs for $52.60 each.
let me know when these potent Swords arrive at your Noble Side.

ilg is going to crank some singletrack for you…

from thy Corner of Corners…

your faithful teacher, fan, and friend

TEMPLE GONG: if ANY of you wish to purchase some SUNRIDER ALPHA 20C for T,
email me.

SUNRIDERS: look for my ANTI-SWINE FLU SR Recipe coming to your Inbox soon…

those of you foolish enough NOT to be on the SUNRIDER Herbs during this era of Kali Yuga?
better re-think,
and sign up today! ilg will guide you along my 3-Phase Approach and/or fit any budget…
be inspired by the many success stories of developing Bulletproof Immunity through the
MAP Aminos under Coach Ilg
the SUNRIDER Herbs under Coach Ilg

Traditional Core Nutrition from the Path of WF since 1982

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