some hours go by in what feels like 10 or 15 minutes.
other ones, linger.
what’s a yogi to do save for cultivating Santosha* from each?

some clouds race over the Sacred Peak as if sprinting each other for the
arid dry skies over Hopi land…rushing to their death.
other ones, linger. whirls of white grease in the blue, blue sky.
ilg likes to savor both and smile.

the birds too, have their rhythms.
some, like Brother Hawk, try to pry the sky apart with long, strong wingbeats.
other ones, like Hummingbird, dance upon waves of air with incredible finesse and play.

tis a Great Blessing to notice and feel the tempo of nature
within one’s feathers
and teach it to those
whose hurried, troubled hearts
know not that all the comings and goings
leave us nowhere
but where we breathe.

ilg gets this {below, fan mail} in my Inbox…
how Blessed is it
to know
you’ve helped someone
in a far away land
yet still a Tribal Sibling?

May your own Practice contain
Santosha, Natural Rhythm, and the Grace of Lila…the Divine Dance…

head bowed,
heart open,
hands folded at heart,

your loving coach

* Santosha; ‘contentment’ one of the ten yogic lifestyle principles.

Dear and Respected Coach Ilg,

My name is Abhinav Gupta. I live near Delhi, India.
I found your book “Total Body Transformation” in a book-shop close to
work. It’s like all my doubts have been cleared in one go.

Being an Indian fitness enthusiast , i have always believed strongly in
the powers of yoga. But as you have rightly pointed out , i was also
looking to develop real functional strength. But i couldn’t figure out
how to fit all the stuff in the same week.
Also perhaps , i was used to overdoing Yoga (a easy trap to fall in if
one follows the Iyengar style)

Your step-by-step highly structured routines have really excited me.
I really am looking forward to starting the Green Tara practise this

This mail is a thank-you note for the detailed efforts you have put in
your book. I am really thankful.

Also, i am sure you know , you being well versed with indian culture by
that in India a guru is treated with the highest regard , on par with
So , i seek your blessing in my efforts to become a WF Warrior.


photo 1; ilg, WF Temple H(om)e, evening Brahmamurhurti. photo by Connie Ilg
photo 2; TBT…”the MahaBarata for modern, multi-disciplined yogis”

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