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We are what we eat. The current spike in childhood obesity, autism, etc, etc, along with the panoply of adolescent and adult dis-ease can often begin unwittingly by ‘too-busy’ mothers (enabled by their comfort-enabling partner?) who choose comfort over caring when it comes to day care and breast feeding. Our brains and bodies require a massive ongoing dance of DHEA synthesis and for infants and toddlers it is critical for brain development, sleep quality, mental equanimity, muscle/neural growth, and endo/exocrine glandular health among a host of other physiologic and mental factors*. Although European ‘baby formulas’ contain DHEA, not here on Turtle Island, though – finally – the FDA under Obama’s administration may soon be reversing this. Meditation – one of WF’s Five Noble Fitness Disciplines since 1982 – has been shown to spike DHEA productivity along with restricted caloric intake, another age-old WF Training tenet (see the WF Nutritional practices of ‘earned sustenance,’ ‘3×30 assignment,’ ‘Rasas Eating Assignment,’ among others in TBT and in the DL Archives). photo above; my Beloved Partner and most amazingly conscious mother of Dewachen, Ananda (Joy) shortly after Meditation. Perhaps even you can feel the pranic ‘afterglow’ streaming off her in this great photo by Melissa Grimes. To live each day with this amazing woman who has more exceptional talent in her pinkie finger than ilg has had in my last 15 lifetimes is truly the Greatest Blessing of my spiritual life. i bow to my Beloved Partner, Ananda. We should not ‘fall in love’ with another Being as much as we should fall in love with the strength and consistency of their spiritual practices for it is those spiritual practices that will shine forth during the tests, trials, and big gifts of intimate relationships. To ilg, the highest form of Nutrition will all-ways and endlessly be Lifestyle Spirituality.

It’s hard to do Nauli (yogic stomach cleansing shown above by coach) and other pivotal cleansing practices when your gut is full of stupid foods and drinks. Cleansing practices must be done daily, just like brushing and flossing of teeth – to rid the body of impurities while enhancing pranic saturation. We all have weaknesses as well as strength. yet also within us is a heart to feel compassion instead of hate/anger. within us lies a willpower to find the True Teachers to help us find our Stance in the dancing in-stances of life and death and rebirth. Fitness means letting the tears flow when we travel the Dark Valleys and to keep one eye on the Highest of Summits and to develop faith in the rising sun. Ilg says, the most consistent flaw i see in people who come to me for help in fitness lies in the lack of ‘keep goingness’ especially when it comes balancing ‘cleansing’ forms of nutrition with ’empowering’ forms of nutrition and ilg speaks here of both physical and metaphysical nutritional practices. Feed the fire within to stay clear and Rise Higher than the afflictions and dis-eases of the common (wo)man. (photo above of 21 month-old Dewachen performing the WF Technique of “Pranayama Appetizer” to stoke her Agni before enjoying her pasta with broccoli made lovingly by Ananda. All of Dewachen’s physical foods are sugar free, organic as possible, and most importantly ‘prepared with love, mantra in mind.’)

above photo: ilg’s “Instant Chi Hit Tri-set; EverGreen, VitaSpray, Liqui-5, from SUNRIDER Herbs.
These are the Royal Herbs of SUNRIDER which i consider most crucial for all Wisdom Athletes of the Spirit. From left to right; EverGreen, VitaSpray, and the magnificent Liqui-5. Each of these intensely pure, anciently formulated, surreally concentrated herbal formulas are whole-foods; not medicinal. That means, the more you consume them, the more powerful and healthy and balanced you become. The uptake and assimilation of these 3 Super SUNRIDER Formulas is instant and so is their Chi Hit! Dewachen goes berserk over EverGreen and VitaSpray (so, if you or your little one does not eat greens, here is your solution). Given the tremendous intensity and potency of these herbs, we just spray a bit of the VitaSpray and dab a bit of the EverGreen on our fignertips and let Dewa lick our fingers. We try to rub the inner lining of her cute little cheeks with these products so that assimilation is that much greater. There is nothing healthier on this plane(t) than a SUNRIDER baby and parents…which is a tremendous Blessing. ilg bows to Dr. Chen and his Royal Herbal Garden of SUNRIDER Herbs.

For yogis and other spiritually-oriented Fitness Warriors, a most perplexing dilemma arises when we attempt to sync up calories, cleansing nutrition, and empowering nutrition with our lifestyles. Within the WF Path, we offer a simple, powerful Nutritional Path that keeps our tummies in tune with the focused fun inherent to this precious pilgrimage of self-realization through personal health and fitness.

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*Breast milk contains prolactin. I suggest prolactin occurs in breast milk to
stimulate DHEA. Therefore, prolactin in breast milk would activate DHEA
production, but not sufficient to induce arousal. This would combine with an
infant’s DHEA to increase DHEA during active sleep. It is my hypothesis that
sudden infant death syndrome results from insufficient DHEA during quiet sleep
to maintain brainstem function. I suggest the evolutionary value of prolactin
in breast milk is decreased SIDS.
– Dr. James Michael Howard

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