Received much more than expected coach.
Great TAPER 3 day program!!!
I believe you saved my ride!!!
Doing the TAPER to the letter…getting ready for blast off.
I just ordered your Pranic Junkie book from the internet.

Om Mani Padme Hung!

Deeply Grateful Warrior,
your Mexican Warrior, Fidel


This Sunday, our Tribe’s most noble Mexican Warrior, Fidel,
is about to Toe The Start Line of an UltraCycling Race…
i’ve been working online with this great, great, student whose
command of English (and training compliance) outshines most of my American Students!
whereas most cycling coaches would be telling him to ride, ride, ride…
instead, i’ve been sending Fidel special pranayams, a Blessed Mantra program,
early morning rituals, a SUNRIDER herb
and MAP Amino Acid regime and he is FLYING!!!!

What a Gift this family warrior is to our Sangha…
we’ll be posting his race report in the SanghaLounge,
so this Sunday; send some WF Tribal CHI down south for Flying Fidel!!!

Vamos Mi Hermano, VAMOS!!!
keep those elbows low, your spine flat, and snap those knees up top!

Blessings on your race,
coach on behalf of the WF Sangha!

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