Wholistic Style in FINLAND

Published on Jun 05, 2009 by in Student Testimonials


Hey Steve!

Got your book on Amazon! Great stuff. Been doing gym, running swimming, and some yoga before I read your book so it felt like this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Started week 1 and I am just about to go out for the first interval session. I am certainly looking forward to it. Did both gym workouts and since I realized that I went into them too big headed I think I might keep the interval lengths in half for the first time. Your program is demonstrating how surprisingly unfit I am. I thought I was better than this. That is a good thing!

I think I might add some more stretching to the week and even considered starting every day with zazen meditation and yoga. I feel like twice/week is not enough! We’ll see how things progress. I also think monday-friday works might be better for my lifestyle and weekends rest or only light working out.

THANKS for this.

Hopefully I can become a master warrior one day.

Markus Nylund

PS. suggestion for website: FAQ section and maybe a layout that is more in tune with your book!

PSS. showed book to my cousin and he went and ordered it online right away!

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