an actual email from my Inbox today…name withheld for privacy’s sake:

To Whom it May Concern:

Hello, my name is (name withheld) and I currently live in Vermont on break from attending college in New Hampshire. I picked up your “Total Body Transformation” book in the library a couple of months ago and am currently on my fourth week of the Cosmic Yang program.

I personally have found a much better sense of well-being and confidence since beginning this program. Because I am an athlete of many backgrounds (swimming, track and field, martial arts, and parkour to name a few), I have found that this has been very beneficial to me on many levels, particularly in terms of flexibility. I am going to order your book in a week or so as well as a couple of other products to help me along my Path, wherever it leads me.
My question refers to your WF Blessed Training Mala. Because I practice other soft arts (Tai Chi and am currently training to become a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho style), I was wondering about the energetic properties of this mala: I read that Coach Ilg is a certified Dharma Protector, but other than that I don’t really know anything about the energetic properties and (most importantly) if they will interfere with not only my energy but of my reiki energy as well.

Is there anytime when I could possibly talk with Coach Ilg on this matter? My schedule is pretty flexible until August 30th (when I move back into school), but I would preferably like to talk before then. Personally I prefer phone (my number is ) but e-mail is ok too.

Regardless of whether I will purchase the mala or not, the program has been (and I hope continues) to be a wonderful experience. I have believed that being spiritually inclined means that you need to keep your physical body in shape as well; if you don’t have respect for your physical body, how can you have respect for the spiritual lessons that you have and will learn?




thank you for all beautiful Metta and insights!

contact me in three more years about getting a Blessed Mala;
1st year for Buddha’s perseverance
2nd year for Dharma’s omniscience
3rd year for Sangha’s faithful sweat and stillness…

head bowed and Dharma Blessings upon thy Practice and May you realize your Practice everywhere,

coach ilg
founder/Wholistic Fitness®

ps; ilg is not a ‘certified’ Dharma Protector…rather a “Recognized” Protector of the Dharma. there is a big (and thankful) difference!

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