Noble Sangha,
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I’d like all of you who took your time and loving attention to answer my recent WF.com poll that Master Student “MahaManas” Singer and i have been devouring survey results compiled from all the emails. below, i’ve selected 3 top picks from the survey. i’ll share and address more of your compliments, complaints, and suggestions with everyone in future posts. know that your time was well spent and here in the Head Kiva, ilg has Heard you and is following through on creating an ever more beautiful, helpful, cost-effective, and of course FUN, FOCUSED, EFFECTIVE WF Temple in the years ahead.

sometimes, of course, ilg wishes i could move faster. as any full time conscious parent knows however, speed and a result-driving attitude dissolves immediately into the toddler laughter and pure zen of the Little Rinpoche. the Time Bubble expands due to the Zen Effect of Conscious Parenting and before i know it…another moon rises.

ilg prays:

May you injoy your Practice today and remember: make your life your Sadhana and your sleep state your Samadhi…

head bowed,

the big chief at the tiny temple beneath the massive Peak


Good morning my dear Coach:
I do business with Wholistic Fitness because Ilg speaks the truth. Underlying all the bullshit in this world there is usually a simple truth..a simple truth like our mind and our body are sacred;  our food is sacred; our breath and posture determine everything…Steve Ilg finds a way to cut through everything and get to the derivative truth. 
I can think of nothing unpleasant about doing business with WF.
I have looked into other blogs and websites but no one ties the body and the mind to this real world like Ilg.  No one is as pure of thought.
On WF, I would like more of a running blog, more of an interactive blog where we comment on our entire world..including social events…I would like tribal gatherings in Flagstaff..
Steve has offered so many great products; I think I am going to go buy some PDF’s and anything that catches my eye! I pass out his CD’s and DVD’s as gifts…
From my heart to WF-Thank you.

Tom Hutchison


Namaste Noble Coach!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share and add to your quest to
reach more people with WF.
RE: 1) Why do you do business with Wholistic Fitness, or visit us on the Web?

TRUST! From the first moments of Coach ilg’s book Total Body Transformation my heart wisdom knew “ this guy gets it, he is real”. When i purchased HP Yoga Basic Strength DVD i was hit with a blast of Chi that brought tears to my eyes and a sense something very deep is in WF teachings and teachers. It scares the hell out of the whining one (ego), but my heart is taking the lead on this one and is feeling the truth of WF.
i greatly appreciate the personal contact with Coach ilg.

RE: 2) What is not so pleasant about doing business with us?

Not having Sunrider Phase one instructions sheets consolidated into one. When i joined Sunrider i received two phase one guidelines that differed slightly in terms of herb intake. Shortly afterwards a Sunrider missive called “Priority List of SR herbs for Budgeting” came. This list was perfect but added to the confusion because it too differed slightly from the other two information sheets. 

RE: 3) Have you visited similar Web sites/blogs? Have you ever purchased a product or service similar to what we offer from a different company?

i have visited other similar websites but never purchased their products. 

RE: 5) Imagine a totally re-designed WholisticFitness.com that’s so cool you can’t wait to visit it each day. Beyond our incomparable WF Teaching Blog, what would you like to find there? What would you want to see, hear, and experience if (only) we were SMART enough to offer it to you?

Participating in a live broadcast of a yoga classes
a “helmet cam” experience of a mountain bike ride into the Sacred Peak!

RE: 6) What new products or services would help you along your Wholistic Fitness path?

A DVD of Total Body Transformation!



Namaste Dear Coach!

1. I do business with WF because you are so awesome.

2. Nothing is unpleasant about doing business with WF

3. I will visit many such sites including Hak’s blog Outdoor Journey, the Stronglifts forum, and occasionally and mostly for laughs and what not to do, Tnation. However I don’t pay for any of it. I don’t pay for anything on the internet and believe that the internet (and pretty much all software) should be free (open source). I do however feel privileged to be able to contribute to the WF temple my meagre DL subscription because I love what you do not just because it’s such a great blog. In fact if I hadn’t ever met you in person you wouldn’t seem so real. To sweat and breathe with someone (especially someone with your chinetic powers) is a very powerful experience.

4. My experience with stronglifts.com was very positive. It’s site that espouses a simple 5×5 routine with the emphasis on squatting 3 times a week. There are a lot of users on the forum all sharing their experiences on a daily basis. Beginners, intermediate, advanced lifters recording training logs and sharing with each others. I got a lot of good tips and support from the people on there.

5 & 6 nothing immediately leaps to mind but I will think some more on it.

much love,

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