Most Precious and Vital Sangha of Wholeness,

i’m taking my Can Do Clan up to Telluride again this weekend…again at the amazingly resplendent mountain adventure resort:

to film a new Tribal DVD:

“WF ‘Iron Temple’ Teachings”

This DVD will cover all the basic WF Strength Training Techniques which have, for over 25 years, transformed the gym into a yoga studio and zendo! I’ll cover all the great hallmark WF Strength Training Techniques such as our Beloved
• “Staccato Technique”
•”3-Stage Technique”
• “Shivaya Technique”
and Recovery Techniques such as,
• “Kin-Hin”
• “Ku”

will be back by Tuesday to teach yoga.

if you feel as though this new DVD might be a worthwhile addition to
your Practice of Wholeness through personal fitness,
drop me an email with the Subject Line titled;
“Iron Temple DVD”
steve at wholisticfitness dot com

and i’ll be sure to put you on an
advanced notice
email list for an early bird discount!

Until Tuesday,
enjoy the DL Archives,
the WF SanghaLounge
(i just placed an important SUNRIDER Herb and MAP amino acid update in there),
may your Practice of Wholeness be
steadfast, fun, and focused!

head bowed…
your tribal chief ilg

photo; ilg enjoying a hallmark ‘WF Iron Temple’ movement;
Malasana Concentration Curls.
note; DO NOT ATTEMPT to mimic this movement without
deep judiciousness…biceps tendons very vulnerable if you are not
WF trained in this movement!

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